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For the 2008-2009 season, the Philadelphia Flyers have 4, 30 goal scorers.

(Jeff Carter 45, Simon Gagne 33, Mike Richards 30 and Scott Hartnell 30)

Also Detriot Red Wings have 4 as well.

(Marian Hossa 40, Johan Franzen 33, Pavel Datsyuk 32, Henrik Zetterberg 30)

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Q: Most 30 goal scorers on one NHL team?
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Who are the NHL single season top goal scorers?

Wayne Gretzky holds the regular season NHL goal scoring title of 92 goals in the 81-82 season.

How does the NHL record their statistics?

There is a point for a goal and assists. There are two assists awarded in hockey for the last two people (on the same team as the scorer) to touch the puck, given the other team did not gain posession in the time between when the scorers teammates had the puck and the scorer scored the goal.

What is the best NHL hockey team?

The Detroit Red Wings!The Detroit Red Wings have won the Stanley Cup 11 times and have 2 of the top 3 goal scorers of all time:Gordie Howe and Steve Yzerman.

Who are the Top tyenty-five goal scorers in the NHL?

What NHL team has the best goal song?

mn wild

What team did Gretzky score his first NHL goal with?

Edmonton Oilers

Largest team goal differential in nhl season?


What is the record for shots on goal by a team in a single NHL game?


Why do scorers leave the ice?

When players score in the NHL they don't necessarily leave the ice after. If it seems like players are leaving the ice after they score it is probably because shifts are very short in the NHL and players will often end a shift after a goal is scored.

What team did Guy Lafleur score his first NHL goal against?

quebed nordiques

What nhl team has the most 50 goal scorers?

The 1977-78 New York Islanders had six 30-goal scorers: Mike Bossy (53), Bryan Trottier (46), Clark Gillies (35), Bob Nystrom (30), Bob Bourne (30), and Denis Potvin (30). In 1984-85, the Winnipeg Jets also had six: Dale Hawerchuk (53), Paul MacLean (41), Brian Mullen (32), Laurie Boschman (32), Doug Smail (31) and Thomas Steen (30).

Whick NHL team has one the most championships?

The Montreal Canadiens won the most championships in the NHL.