Momentum in soccer

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•Momentum applies to soccer when you kick the soccer ball down the field

•It is what allows the soccer players to get speed as they accelerate

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Q: Momentum in soccer
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How does momentum apply to soccer?

Momentum applies to soccer when you kick the soccer ball down the field so it speeds up and goes faster.

A soccer ball collides with another soccer ball at rest The total momentum of the balls?

That would depend on the velocity of the soccer ball not at rest.

What is an example of momentum conserve?

If a rolling soccer ball hit a stationary soccer ball, they would both keep moving with the same momentum as the original soccer ball. (not accounting for outside forces)a series of dominoes being knocked over one by one

Does soccer use momentum?

HECK YES ! Black10 says: You have no idea bud. Soccer can blow your mind and make your heart want more of it.

Where is momentum in soccer?

as you run while dribbling with the ball, you lift up your foot to kick the ball and drive it into the goal...the power/momentum comes from the ground-hips-back down to your foot and transfers energy to the ball.

How do you find Final momentum when you have initial momentum and change in momentum?

Use this formula:Final momentum = (initial momentum) + (change in momentum)

Force that maintains motion?


What Does it Men To Momentum is Conserved?

When momentum is conserved, the initial momentum is equal to the final momentum.

What does the second law of motion have to do with soccer?

If a player runs and dribble the ball he pushed and run with varying momentum velocity therefore in a specific time frame

Impulse and momentum does impulse equal momentum or change in momentum?

Impulse equals change in momentum.

What does conversation of momentum mean?

Conservation of momentum means that momentum is a constant and the change of momentum or force is zero.

What is it called when momentum can be transferred but the total momentum does not change?

conservation of momentum

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