Minor violation in basketball game

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Charging occurs when one player runs into another. Traveling happens when a player walks with the ball. Goal tending occurs when a player interferes with the downward arc of the ball toward the basket.

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Double dribble, travel, carry

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Q: Minor violation in basketball game
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How do you play basketball with your feet?

You can't, not only is it almost physically impossible to play with your feet, it is illegal for the ball to touch your feet in a basketball game, it's called kicking and is a violation.

Minor violation of the law?


Who usually commits a violation in basketball?

The players.

What is the term for minor violation of the law?

a misdemeanor

Can you slap other players for a violation in basketball?

If you don't mind getting thrown out of the game and facing possible criminal assault charges, sure.

2 types of penalty in basketball?

Foul and violation.

Is throwing the basketball in the hoop from out of bounds a violation?


What is the minor violation of the law?

A minor violation of the law is just a petty crime, like littering, jaywalking, graffiti, running red-lights or stop signs.

Rules of basketball that aren't in basketball now?

There are many like the shotclock violation, 8second rule

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