Michel phelps lives in

Updated: 9/27/2023
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In Baltimore, Maryland

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Baltimore, MARYLAND (Fells Point)

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Q: Michel phelps lives in
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How many metols did Michel phelps win?

None. Michel Phelps did not win any "metols" - why - because there is no such thing as a "metol".

Where is Michel Phelps from?

Baltimore, Maryland

Who are the players of the New England Patriots team?

Michel Phelps and michel jorden

What is Michel phelps origin country?


What person has the most medals?

Michel Phelps

Is Michel Phelps a famous swimmer?


Is Michel phelps dumb?

No he is not dumb at all.

How many golds does Michel phelps have?

Michel Phelps has won14 gold medals in his 2 Olympic Games, 7 in Athens 2004 an Eight in Beijing 2008.

What is the swimming speed of Michel Phelps?

7.45f ast

What is the name of Michel phelps wife?

He doesn't have one

How many gold medals does Michel Phelps?

Michael Phelps has 17 gold medals so far.

How many world records did Michael Phelps brake in Beijing?

whos record did Michel phelps brake?