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In my league, if the pop fly was caught as the second out, and the runner on first wasn't forced out, then if the runner on third gets home before the other runner is out, then he/she is considered safe. So basically.. if its not a forced play, and the runner gets home before the out, then yes. The run counts. But that may not be every league.

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first base was a force out so the run shouldn't count, As an example if the runner on first had tagged and tried to take second base and was thrown out after the run scored then the run would stand, because the base runner put themselves in jeopardy of being put out

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If the out at first is the third out, then no, the run will not count

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if the runner on third tags up on the fly ball, and scores before the double play is made

then yes the run counts

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Q: Men on first and third one out fly ball is caught man on third tags man on first leaves early ball is thrown to first for out after man on third crosses home does run count?
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Does the runner score from third if batter tries to stretch a single and gets thrown out at second base?

If there are less than two outs, yes. If there are two outs, this is a timing play. If the runner crosses home plate before the batter is thrown out at second base, the run counts. If the batter is thrown out at second base before the runner crosses home plate, the run does not count.

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No. It is considered interferrence by the fielder and the batter is awarded a hit.

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Does a run count if there are men on first and third with one out then a fly ball is hit to left field the man on third tags man on first leaves early and the ball is thrown to first for a double play?

yes the run will count because the guy on first is the only one that left early.

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Does the run count if the the runner crosses home before the out is committed?

The run does not count if a runner crosses home plate during an inning-ending double (or triple) play, where the runners are all retired on force outs (as is the case in most double plays). Generally speaking, if the third out is recorded by a force out (including at first base), no runs can score on the play. If the inning's third out was not recorded through a force play (whether or not it's the second or third out of that play), however, the run will count if the runner crossed the plate before the out was recorded. For example, on April 28, 2007, the Indians recorded a double play by catching a fly ball and catching the runner off first base. The runner from third base had already crossed the plate (after tagging up properly), so the run counted. In that case, the umpires actually got the rule wrong, and reversed themselves 3 innings later.

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Runner steals home with two outs and batter hits line drive which is caught but the runner tags home before ball is caught. Does the run count?

Yes it does count cause he scored before the out. If he scores after the out then it doesn't count. It's just like if he stole home plate and during a run down a guy gets caught between bases after. The score happened before the caught line drive. Sorry..the run does not count as the batter hit the pitch for an out. In fact, had there been less than two outs, the runner from third could be thrown out by tagging 3rd before he returned. Think, line drive to a fielder with a runner on any base, and, after the catch, the fielder throws to the base to double up the baserunner. The situation is completely different from the run down situation described above.

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