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Men are not better than women, nor are women better than men. They are different and cannot be accurately compared.

While women are pound-for-pound stronger than men, men are usually bigger, and therefore will be stronger, which of course is a desirable trait in Rugby. Having said this, women's rugby is considered by some to be a purer form of the sport, owing to the fact that they tend not to rely on brute force (although there are undoubtedly some female players capable of doing this) and instead rely on skill.

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Not necessarily, women and men both have the potential to become excellent sportspeople, and rugby is no exception to that rule.

The concept that men are better than women at rugby comes from the fact that rugby is a full-contact sport, and many believe that since men are stronger, they will be better at rugby. This is not true. Pound for pound women are stronger than men, but men tend to be bigger. Many commentators believe that women's rugby is a purer form of the sport, as ir relies on skill and technique rather than pure brute force.

Another problem lies in convincing women to play rugby. Men's teams have a wider base to choose from, because men are more likely to take up the sport. Many women's teams do not have this advantage, and so are forced to work with what they have. The reluctance women display in stepping forward to play rugby may be to do with the physicality of the sport, or with the misconceptions about women who play rugby e.g. that they're all "dykes" Women's teams, in 99.9% of cases, receive far less funding than men's teams, creating another obstacle for them to overcome.

So no, boys are not better than girls. They're just different, and receive more respect for what they do.

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Not all men are better than women in soccer. But for most teams that is true. That is true because men are faster and more aggresive.

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There not only men playing the game women play as well as children and young adults

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Q: Men are better than women in rugby but in what way?
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