Measurements of volleyball court

Updated: 9/27/2023
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It should be the exact same size as a regulation court.

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A volleyball court is 60ft by 30ft. Each side is 30ft by 30ft.

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A regulation indoor court is 30 feet by 30 feet, an outdoor doubles court (non-professional) is 28 feet by 30 feet

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Q: Measurements of volleyball court
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What are the measurements of the volleyball court?

3' x 29'.6"

Measurements of an outside volleyball court?

It is 9X9meters on each side of the net

What are the measurements of a volleyball courts?

Volleyball court is divided by net into two parts, every part is 9 x 9 meters.

What are the measurement of volleyball?

circumference of volleyball: 65-67 cm. mass: 260-280 grams

What are the measurements of a volleyball?

Net height is 7' 11 5/8" for men and 7' 4 1/8" for women. The dimensions of a volleyball court are 29'-6" wide by 59'-0" long.

How many volleyball players can on a volleyball court?

On a normal volleyball court: 6 players beach volleyball: 2 players

What are the two types of volleyball?

There is hard court volleyball, which is played on a wooden floor and there is beach volleyball, which is played in the sand (There is also indoor beach volleyball, but it is much smaller than beach and hard court)

What is the area of a volleyball field?

Volleyball square field/court

What is mini volleyball?

when only 3 players can be on the volleyball court

How long is a volleyball court?

The standard volleyball court is 18 meters long and 9 meters wide.

What is the name of the game played on a volleyball court with a volleyball but it has to bounce before you hit it?

Volleyball Tennis

How is the field for volleyball?

its a court.