Meaning of irregular hit

Updated: 12/9/2022
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The meaning of an irregular hit in the game of volley ball means that the ball went into the net and that is considered a foul

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Q: Meaning of irregular hit
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Is hit regular or irregular verb?

It's an irregular verb.

What is the meaning of irregular motion?

what is regular and irregular motion in physics

What is hit in the past participle?

'to hit' is an irregular verbThe past participle of hit is hit.

What is the opposite meaning of irregular?


What is the medical term meaning irregular?


What is the past tense of he hit you?

"He hit you" is the past tense form. Hit is an irregular verb and the past tense form is also "hit".

Synonym or meaning of 'intermittent'?

periodic, alternate, irregular, seasonal, recurrent

What are some irregular verbs that have the same present and past tense?

Examples of irregular verbs that have the same present and past tense forms are "hit," "cut," and "wet."

What is the adjective for irregular?

Irregular can be used as an adjective, meaning not regular in shape, arrangement, or occurrence; contrary to a rule, standard, or convention; not belonging to regular army units; Grammar (of a word) having inflections that do not conform to the usual rules.Irregular can be used as a noun meaning a member of an irregular military force.

What is the meaning of nodule?

A rounded mass or irregular shape; a little knot or lump.

Is sawed an irregular verb?

Sawed (meaning to cut something with a saw) is regular.

What is a prefix for regular?

One prefix for "regular" is "ir-," as in "irregular." This prefix changes the meaning of the word to indicate that something is not following a regular pattern or norm.