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Five Fouls

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2009-08-24 13:31:09
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Q: Maximum fouls of player in a basketball match?
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How many team fouls can be committed in a game of basketball?

There are 5 fouls in 1 minute of a basketball game so if a match lasts 5 minutes then there our 25 fouls in abasketball game

Most number of fouls on a single player in a FIFA world cup match?

The most fouls comitted in the 2010 world cup , was c omitted by the Dutch player Van Bommel.

How many fouls were committed in the final match between Barcelona and Manchester United?

Barcelona made 5 fouls , Manchester United made16 fouls.

What is a basketball miss match?

its when a player has a clear offensive advantage over his defender.

Which cricket player has got maximum man of the match in oneday?

sachin tendulkar

Which Australian player has taken the maximum number of wickets in test match?

Shane Warne

Which player hit the maximum number of sixes in a test match cricket?

wasim akram

What is the record for maximum number of goals scored by one player in single match?

What sport?

Which player attended maximum match in ICC cricket world cup?

Sachin Tendulkar

In volleyball how many fouls before the player has to sit out?

Volleyball players do not get "fouls" because it is a non-contact sport; however, if a volleyball player was to interfere with the other team, become mouthy etc. they would receive either a yellow card or a red card with possible dismissal from the match.

What is the record for maximum number of goals scored by one player in a single football match?

7 was the most

Who bowled maximum number of overs in a test match day?

Al Valentine is the cricket player who bowled maximum number of overs in a test match day. He is closely followed by one LO Fleetwood-Smith.

What is the maximum number of aces in a tennis match?

There isn't a maximum number of aces that a tennis player can make in a single tennis match. For example, Wimbledon has no tie-breaker in the fifth set, so the fifth set is limitless, so there is no maximum number of aces.

Who won the basketball match?

Which one

How many quarters in a basketball match?

There are four Quarters in a Basketball game

Which player took maximum man of the match awards in world cup?

Sachin Tendulkar. Who else would you think?

What is the maximum run you can run in a cricket match?

Maximum 6 runs

What is a Major King or Major Queen in Water Polo?

Major King or Queen is the player who records the highest number of major fouls, usually during a season or a tournament. A major foul is one which you are sent off for a limited period for, you can have 3 major fouls in a match before you are excluded permanently

How many number of outs in cricket?

Every cricket match can have only a maximum number of outs or wickets. If it is a 20-20 or One day international there can be a maximum of 20 outs in a match. In case of a test match there can be a maximum of 40 outs in one match.

Who are the officials in charge of a basketball match?


What is the duration of basketball match?

48 minutes

How do you start a basketball match?

By a tip off.

How Meany periods are in a basketball match?


What are four sentences for the word basketball?

He plays basketball on the weekends.We went to the basketball match yesterday.I am trying to watch basketball here.He wanted a basketball for his birthday.

Who will win in a basketball match sun ming ming the tallest basketball player vs Jason mcelwain aka j-mac the autistic basket ball player who shoot 3 times in 2006?

No one knows who would win.