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Mario Sports is a very fun Wii game. There are four sports, Basketball, dodgeball, volleyball, and hokey. You can play for fun, play a tournament, learn the rules, play party games, or play a real person.

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Q: Mario sports mix
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Related questions

When did Mario Sports Mix?

Mario Sports Mix happened in 2010.

When did Mario Sports Mix happen?

Mario Sports Mix happened in 2010.

How do you get toadette on Mario sports mix wii?

you can't get toadette on Mario sports mix

What are the stats of Rosalina in Mario Sports Mix?

Rosalina isn't even in Mario Sports Mix

When was Mario Sports Mix created?

Mario Sports Mix was created on 2010-11-25.

Is rosalina in mario sports mix?


What happens in Mario sports mix when you beat sports mix?

You have to beat this big monster.

Mario sports mix What tournament to play to get cactuar Mario sports mix?

You don't have to play tournaments that's all im saying.

Are there any new Mario game coming out?

Mario sports mix

When is the next super Mario game coming out?

Mario sports mix

What will be the next Mario game come out after Mario sports mix?

mario party 9

Does Mario sports mix on Wii have football in it?

No, unlucky.

Can you get Mario sports mix on psp?

It doesn't exist for it.

What new Mario games are coming out 2011?

one is Mario sports mix

How do you unlock everybody on Mario sports mix?

go on to YouTube and type in how to unlock all the players in Mario sports mix trust me it will work I've been on it!

How do you get all characters in Mario sports mix?

go onto YouTube and type in how to unlock all the players in Mario Sports Mix it will work coz I've done it

What is sports mix in Mario sports mix?

1. Basket ball 2. Volleyball 3. Hockey 4. Dodgeball

How many players can play Mario sports mix?


How do you get red Yoshi in Mario sports mix?

dodgeball jump

How much is mario sports mix?

It is $50.00 in stores and online.

How many players play Mario Sports Mix?


How do you get the roads on the star cup for Mario sports mix?

I never played it

When is Mario sports mix coming out?

Mario Sports mix is coming out in Japan at November 24, 2010 in USA January 28, 2011 and the others are Febuary 4, 2011, 2011, 2011.

Is Mario sports mix a dumb game?

Depends on what you view as a "dumb" game.

Does Yuna appear on Mario Sports Mix?

Yuna does not appear in Mario Sports Mix. Final Fantasy characters that are playable in this game are:NinjaWhite MageBlack MageMoogleCactaurOn top of these, the Slime from the Dragon Quest series is also unlockable.