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They are both great players and i think maradona and ronaldo are the same what do u think ? go on YouTube and look at ronaldo clips

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Q: Maradona in 1986 and Ronaldo fenomeno in 1998 who is better?
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When was Maradona Rebello born?

Maradona Rebello was born on 1986-06-22.

Who was the captain of Argentina in 1986 world cup?

The captain of Argentina football team in 1986 was Diego Maradona.

When was Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona created?

Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona was created in 1986.

When did Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona happen?

Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona happened in 1986.

Who was the Argentine captain at 1986?

Diego Maradona.

Who Captained Argentina in 1986?

Diego Maradona

What makes Diego Maradona famous?

Diego Maradona is famous as the captain of Argentina that won the world cup in 1986.

When did Maradona win the world cup?

1986 in Mexico

How old was Diego Maradona when he played at the 1986 world cup?

Diego Maradona, born October 30, 1960, was 25 years old when he played at the 1986 World Cup.

Who was in Argentinas team 1986?

Diego Maradona, Jorge bhrachuggha.

Who was the Argentine captain in 1986 world cup?

Diego Maradona

In 1986 maradona scored a controversial goal against England how did maradona describe this goal?

a little bit of the head and the hand of god.