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Bauer, Warrior, Mission, Reebok, Easton, Koho, Sherwood, and Montreal.

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Q: Manufactures of hockey sticks
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Who supply synergy hockey stick?

The Easton company manufactures the synergy sticks

What type of wood are hockey sticks made of?

Wood hockey sticks were initially made using maple until the 1920s but as supplies diminished, yellow birch and ash become more common and by 1930 onward, ash was the preferred hardwood for hockey sticks. In the 1940s hockey stick manufactures began using layers of wood epoxied together and utilizing fiberglass lamination. Today all hockey stick manufactures such as Bauer, CCM, GTS, STX and True produce their high end sticks using composite materials such as carbon fiber. These sticks are much lighter and provide more consistent performance.

Are curved hockey sticks better than light weight hockey sticks?

Curved, light-weight hockey sticks are the best.

What kind of tape do you use for hockey sticks?

You can buy hockey tape at your local hockey rink or equipment store for hockey sticks.

Where are Reebok hockey sticks made?

Reebok hockey sticks are made in China. As a result, there is 2.5% duty levied to Reebok hockey sticks when importing them into Canada.

Who invented Carbon Fiber hockey sticks?

Many hockey players today use carbon fiber hockey sticks during their games. The sticks were first invented by Busch.

What countries are field hockey sticks manufactured in?

Most field hockey sticks are made in Pakistan.

What are hockey sticks called?

hockey stickstwigs

How do you say this is a bunch of hockey sticks in french?

This is a bunch of hockey sticks Il s'agit d'un tas de bâtons de hockey

Are Astroturf hockey sticks more expensive than field hockey sticks?

Generally, they are both the same as far as I know.

What is the duration of H-E Double Hockey Sticks?

The duration of H-E Double Hockey Sticks is 1.6 hours.

Can you use metal hockey sticks?

In ice hockey, sticks may incorporate metal, and aluminum is a common choice to make the whole shaft from. In field hockey, metal is banned from use in sticks for safety reasons.

Where are field hockey sticks made?

In hockey stick factories.

What sport do the Black Sticks play?

hockey (real hockey AKA field hockey)

Where are hockey sticks made?

Most hockey sticks are made in Pakistan, while most Field hockey gear including Mazon and Gryphon are made in Engand/United Kingdom

What are the majority of NHL hockey sticks made of?

Almost all hockey sticks in use today are a carbon fiber/wood composite

When was H-E Double Hockey Sticks created?

H-E Double Hockey Sticks was created on 1999-10-03.

Do professional hockey players use sticks with plastic ends?

No, Professional hockey players use wooden sticks or carbon composite one piece sticks and wooden sticks in the pros are becoming very rare as well.

What materials were used before hockey sticks were invented?

since you can not play hockey with out at least some sort of a make shift blade attached to a stick,pole,or shaft,they simply made hockey when they made hockey sticks.

What are composite hockey sticks made of?

Composite materials used to make hockey sticks include fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon fiber. Click on the 'Hockey Stick Materials' link on this page to read more about them. Most popular are graphite carbon fiber sticks

How many composite hockey sticks are sold each year?

20000 sticks

Where can you buy hockey sticks really cheap?

depends what your interested in i found the stores that sold cheaper hockey sticks were modells and dicks sporting goods.

What is the difference between junior and senior hockey sticks?

senior sticks are bigger and beefier than junior sticks

Why do hockey sticks weigh what they do?


What are the parts of a floor hockey stick?

Most hockey sticks are composed of three distinct parts: a shaft, blade, and a butt-end. Single-piece sticks are self explanatory.