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The Pacman will not have an easy job as Diaz is used to fight in a heavier weight class.

It will be a good fight. Manny Pacquiao will have to be careful.

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Q: Manny Pacquiao what are his chances against Diaz?
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Well, he started fighting some of Mexico's prestigious fighters of his division. People such as Erik Morales, Marco Antonia Barrera, Oscar Larious and Juan Manuel Marquez. They were all Mexican juggernauts at the time. When he beat all of these three, then people started paying a lot more attention to him. Then when he started beating even more boxing juggernauts such as Oscar De La Hoya, Antonio Margarito, David Diaz and Miguel Cotto; then he got even more and more attention. Even Mexican people started to like Manny Pacquiao. Many of my class mates, non-Filipinos started to like Manny Pacquiao. Then, Manny Pacquiao started to get Mayweather's attention and this is when he was finally a mainstream boxing icon.

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