Manchester citys transfer targets

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Thierry Henry David Villa John Terry Fernado Torres not going to buy any of them lol

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Q: Manchester citys transfer targets
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Where is Manchester citys stadium?

in manchester

Who is Manchester citys best player?

Probably Tevez.

Who was Manchester Citys manager before Roberto Mancini?

Mark Hughes

The world's riches soccer club?

Manchester citys Arab owners (750-800 billion)

Who is Manchester citys leading goal scorer of all time in English football history?

Eric Brook with 177 goals from 1928-1940.

What was man citys old football ground called before city of Manchester stadium?

It is called the Stadium of Light.

What are the twelve largest citys in great Britain?

London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Swansea, Edinburgh. These are not in any particular order.

Who are the four citys in Britain to host the commonwealth games?

The five British cities that have hosted the Commonwealth Games are London (1934), Cardiff (1958), Edinburgh (1970 and 1986), Manchester (2002) and Glasgow (2014).

How long did Manchester city go without winning a trophy?

37 years a bit longer than man citys answered 9 / 1 2011

Does antarctica have citys or towns?


What are the seven citys?

It was a myth

Are there citys in clifornia?

um what