Making noise when pitcher in wind up?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Q: Making noise when pitcher in wind up?
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What does a pitcher has to do before throwing the ball?

wind up

WHY IS MY Suburban MAKING engine noise at start up?

There could be numerous reasons why a Suburban is making engine noise at start up. It could be anything from a blown gasket to a spark plug. A mechanic will be able to find out the cause of the noise.

What do you call '' making up music on the spot''?


What are the Ethical issue of the wind turbines?

it is really none of you bussness so shut up

Are they still making wind up flashlights?

They do still make wind up flashlights. They are called emergency weather flashlights.

What makes a radiator make a squeaky noise?

If a radiator does not have enough time to warm up, it could end up making a squeaky noise. Also, a faulty radiator will make a squeaky noise.

How does a boat sail into the wind?

A boat can sail into the wind by sailing backwards and forwards (tacking) at an angle to the wind and so making her way up.

What does pitching out of the wind up mean?

It's when the 2nd baseman comes up behind the pitcher and winds up the key on his back before he pitches.

What would cause a ticking noise from dashboard of a 2002 impala?

My car was making this noise when I started it up. the noise went away after driving for a while. turnd out I just needed more oil.

Why would a car make wind noises on the inside when the windows are up?

Hard to understand your question. I'm guessing that you have a wind noise at speed? Check the trim around the doors if it is a wind noise. Is it possible it's a wheel bearing noise? Noise while driving, changes as you go left to right. Take it to a mechanic and have it checked or at least test driven by a couple of mechanically inclined people and see what they say. Sorry about the vagueness of the answers but the question was not very clear.

Why does your ford ranger start making noise if it rains?

Moisture builds up on the accessory belt and causes it to slip making the sqeeking sound.

What causes a spinning wind up noise when accelerating a manual transmission car on any gear?

could be the fluid level is low