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Barbara decided to gather up all her antiques and rare books and sell them on consignment. The word consignment is a noun.

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Q: Make a sentence of consignment
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Make a sentence with the word consignment?

"I took my old clothes into the Second-Hand store so they could be sold on consignment."

What is a sentence with consignment?

The furniture at the consignment store was from Beth's house, and when it sold, the shop paid Beth 60% of the sale price.

How do you use a sentence for consighnment?

This consignment must be delivered in the afternoon today.

How do you record a journal entry for consignment sales?

debit consignment accountcredit consignment sales

Can a consignment account be a balance sheet for each consignment?


How do you calculate the consignment stock?

consignment stock left unsold : **** + proportionate consignor's expenses : **** + non-selling expenses : **** consignment stock : #### ----

What is consignment software intended to be used for?

Consignment software is intended to be used in pawn shops and/or consignment shops. Pawn shops and consignment shops need a software that is capable of tracking 1000's of products a day and not losing information from people who bring their items to these shops. Consignment software is designed especially for pawn shops and consignment shops.

When was Consignment - Mixtape - created?

Consignment - Mixtape - was created on 2012-04-27.

Journal entry for consignment?

Debit goods send for consignmentCredit consignment account

How do you spell consignment?

The correct spelling for "consignment" is C-O-N-S-I-G-N-M-E-N-T.

How do consignment shops work?

Consignment shops help people earn money for they used merchandise. People that wish to sell their items take them to a consignment shop. These individuals tell the consignment shop what they want to sell their items for. The consignment shop will then place the item on their sales for sale. When the item is sold the sell will collect their money minus any fees charged by the consignment shop.

Sentence for the word consignee?

Although the consignment has reached the port, the consignee has refused to take delivery of goods , stating that the goods have been damaged in transit.