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The related link below can help you to make the schedule.

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Q: Make a 10 team 2 division 13 week schedule?
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How do you make a 6 team 6 week schedule?

You would have to schedule 2 teams in one of the weeks.

How do you make a 10 week schedule for 7 teams?

Divide the 10 teams into two divisions of five teams each. Each team could play a division rival in the odd-number weeks. For the even-number weeks, do a random draw of opponents from the other division. Since each team will not play the same non-division opponents, you should determine leaders on division record first. If possible, the two division winners could play a championship game in the eighth week.

How do you make a 6 team 5 week schedule?

You'll need to give one of the teams a "bye" each week. You shouldn't need six weeks to have five teams face each other, though, you should be able to do it in five (each team has to face four others, plus the bye week).

How do you make a 9 team 4 week schedule not using a bye?

Assuming each team plays once per week, such a schedule is not mathematically possible. You could arrange games on each day of the week, perhaps having more than one game per day, to avoid the concept of "byes" entirely.

When will the 2009 MLB schedule be available?

Depending on the team...each team will announce a tentative schedule towards the end of September. Schedule release depends on where the team is at in the standings...if they're out of it...they'll announce it around the third week...otherwise if they make the playoffs they'll hold off until the end of October.

How do you make a 5 team schedule for 6 weeks?

You have a game every Wed. each week for 4 weeks then on the 5 week you play 2 games Monday and Wed.

When can the six man of a five member bowling team bowl?

At any point. Usually the players on a 6 man team rotate around in a schedule to give each person a week off in the schedule. Also they can be used when there is a planed absence for a week. In some competitive leagues, the team captain may change around players after each game depending on if someone is having a bad night.

Is the following sentence grammatically proper 'here is my this week's work schedule'?

The sentence should be: Here is my work schedule for this week.

How do you use day force?

how to copy schedule for week to week

Why is major league baseball's all-star game played during the week and not on week-end?

They usually base it off of the schedule of each team in the MLB. It falls on a day when none of the teams have games.

What is the definition of a rolling schedule?

A rolling schedule could be in reference to a schedule that a shift worker that has a job that requires 24/7 staffing requirments. For example, A 12 hour shift would have 4 -5 Teams, The fifth team being supplemental times for training purposes, who would work in the first week Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The following week they would work Wendsnesday and Thursday. The cycle will continue From a long week to a short week.

How do you Make a schedule for 11 teams with a buy?

Use a 16 team/person draw and give buys in the first round to the top seeds.-------------------------------------------------------Better than sitting outInstead of a "buy week" you could have the odd team out bowl against the team's blind score. The blind score binging the average of each player added up.