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Q: M ichael Jordan grandparents
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What does dj am stand for?

Well, he is a DJ and his name is Adam Michael Goldstein. A from his first and M from his middle name 'AM'. That's what DJ AM stands for.

Who can be a temporary guardianship?

A grandmother can be a temporary guardian, or the husbands sister if they are divorced. In thecase of M ichael Jackson his mother and sister Janet Jackson are guardians like that.

When did Samuel M. Jordan die?

Samuel M. Jordan died in 1952.

When was Samuel M. Jordan born?

Samuel M. Jordan was born in 1871.

What has the author Daniel M Jordan written?

Daniel M. Jordan has written: 'Josiah Jordan and his descendants, 1760 to 1979'

When was Isaac M. Jordan born?

Isaac M. Jordan was born on 1835-05-05.

When did Isaac M. Jordan die?

Isaac M. Jordan died on 1890-12-03.

Where is the Jordan Valley Owyhee Heritage Council M in Jordan Valley Oregon located?

The address of the Jordan Valley Owyhee Heritage Council M is: Po Box 361, Jordan Valley, OR 97910-0361

Could M ichael Jackson ever be president?

Michael Jackson, as any other US native-born citizen at least 35 years old has the opportunity to become President. The fact that he is now dead takes him out of the picture.

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The phone number of the Jordan Valley Owyhee Heritage Council M is: 541-586-2100.

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Pauline M. Jordan has written: 'Analysis of the physiological demands of canoe polo'

Who are Charles follis's grandparents?

Amy follis(grandmother) and Charles m. follis(grandfather)

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Her grandparents are: Robert B. Finlay, Marjorie M., Archie Dean Swift, and Rose Baldi douglas! :)

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Michael Jordan has two brothers and two sisters. There names are James R. Jordan Jr, Larry Jordan, Deloris E. Jordan and Roslyn M. Jordan.

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M. P. Jordan has written: 'The language of technical communication' -- subject(s): Technical writing

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Her paternal grandparents are William Boleyn and Margaret Butler and her maternal grandparents are Thomas Howard and Elizabeth Tilney.William Boleyn m. Margaret Butler --> Thomas BoleynThomas Howard m. Elizabeth Tilney --> Elizabeth HowardThomas Boleyn m. Elizabeth Howard --> Anne Boleyn

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Slobodan Milosevic - Yugoslavian ex prime ministermao - Chinese idol/dictatorkylie minogue - Australian singergeorge michael - us singerroy makaay - dutch soccer playerJason Mraz/singer

How many final mvp M Jordan has?


Who was the first person who invented windmill?

m Jordan

What college did NBA player DeAndre Jordan play for?

NBA player DeAndre Jordan played for Texas A&M.

What college did NFL player Jordan Pugh play for?

NFL player Jordan Pugh played for Texas A&M.

What has the author Alice M Jordan written?

Alice M. Jordan has written: 'From Rollo to Tom Sawyer' -- subject(s): Children's literature, American, History and criticism, Children's literature

What is a good M or J boys middle name?

Michael Jordan

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He's not dead.

What is the set of a pipe-run?

The set is called a Jordan M. set