MLB team that plays in safeco field?

Updated: 11/19/2022
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Q: MLB team that plays in safeco field?
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Is Safeco field football or Baseball?

Safeco Field is a MLB stadium for the Seattle Mariners.

What is the worst hitters park in all MLB?

Safeco Field, Seattle

What MLB team does Tommy Field play for?

Tommy Field plays for the Los Angeles Angels.

Top five MLB ball parks?

TARGET FIELD 2010 Safeco Field Angel Stadium PNC Park Progressive Field Miller Park

What MLB team does Will Smith play for?

Will Smith plays for the Milwaukee Brewers.

What MLB team does Will Harris play for?

Will Harris plays for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

What MLB team does skip shumaker play for?

He plays with the St.Louis Cardinals

What NFL team plays in Delaware?

Delaware does not have its own NFL team or MLB for that matter either.

What MLB team has hit into most double plays 2010?

Pittsburgh Pirates

What MLB team does Will Middlebrooks play for?

Will Middlebrooks plays for the Boston Red Sox.

What MLB team does Will Venable play for?

Will Venable plays for the San Diego Padres.

How many games does a team plays in MLB in 2007?

162 regular season games