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A bunch. In fact, the vast majority of major league pitchers have never thrown a no-hitter in Major League Baseball. Many more have thrown no-hitters in high school or college ball.

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Q: MLB pitcher who has never thrown a no hitter?
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Who are the only mlb teams that have never thrown a no-hitter?

The San Diego Padres

What MLB pitcher threw a no-hitter in 1999?

Jose Jimenez

If a pitcher throws a no hitter through nine innings can the no hitter be broken up by the relief pitcher?

In MLB, yes. MLB's definition of a no hitter is: "An official no-hit game occurs when a pitcher (or pitchers) allows no hits during the entire course of a game, which consists of at least nine innings." So a pitcher could pitch a no hitter for nine innings or nineteen innings but if a reliever comes in and gives up a hit, the no hitter is over.

In which league is there a designated hitter for the pitcher in MLB?

American League since 1973

WHo has thrown a no hitter in a playoff?

Only one no-hitter has been thrown in MLB playoff history. Don Larsen in 1956 threw a perfect game 27 up 27 down in the World Series.

Which MLB pitcher threw 2 consecutive no-hitter games?

Johny Vander 1938

How many opening day no hitters have been thrown in MLB history?

Cleveland Indians pitcher Bob Feller threw a no hitter blanking the Chicago White Sox 1-0 on opening day, April 16, 1940. To date (through 2009) this is the first and only opening day no hitter.

What is the total number of perfect baseball games pitched?

Through the 2008 season, 17 MLB pitchers have thrown perfect games. No pitcher has thrown more than one.

When was the first no-hitter?

The first no hitter in MLB history was thrown by George Bradley of the St. Louis Brown Stockings against the Hartford Dark Blues on July 15, 1876.

Have the Chicago Cubs ever pitched a perfect game?

No. According to The Cubbys have never had a pitcher thrown a "Pefect Game" Interestingly they have had a "Perfect Game" against them in 1965 by Sandy Koufax.

What is the meaning of DH in baseball?

a DH only exists in the AL of the MLB. a DH is short for Designated Hitter. the DH hits for the Pitcher.

Is it true that the pitcher used to pitch the way the batter wanted?

Until the 1887 MLB season, a batter could call for a pitch to be thrown high or low.

In MLB when does the pitcher have to come out?

That all depends on the manager. If the pitcher is struggling, the manager might take him out of the game. If he is doing fine, the manager will probably keep him in the game. If the pitcher is thrown out of the game, for either breaking the rules, or being unsportsmanlike, he would then have to come out of the game.

Who threw no hitters in baseball in the sixties?

There were 34 no hitters pitched in the decade of the 1960s. Instead of listing them all here I have included a link, called 'MLB No Hitters', that you can click to see every no hitter thrown in MLB history.

Which mlb pitcher was nicknamed the rocket?

The MLB pitcher that was nicknamed the "Rocket" was Roger Clemens.

What MLB team holds record for consecutive innings without a hit?

Any team that had an opposing pitcher throw a perfect game or no hitter

What are the odds of pitching a no hitter?

According to Baseball Reference, through August 30, 2008 there have been 386,916 MLB games played (this number includes games played in the National Association, the first major league which was in existence from 1871-1875). There have been 257 no hitters of nine innings or more thrown in MLB history. This averages out to one no hitter every 1505.5 games. Interestingly, on 32 occasions, two or more no hitters have been thrown within 10 days of each other. And on two occasions (April 22, 1898 and June 29, 1990) two no hitters were thrown on the same day. Not being a statistical major, I can't really tell you the odds of pitching a no hitter. But, looking at the list of ho hitters pitched, the odds are about 1 in 8 that a second no hitter will be pitched within 10 days of a no hitter. Click on the 'MLB No Hitters' link below to see a list of all no hitters thrown in MLB history.

Who was the heaviest pitcher in MLB History?

The heaviest pitcher in MLB History is definitely Nolan Ryan.

Who was the first pitcher to throw a no hitter in the MLB?

First no-hitter - George W. Bradley - St. Louis Browns - July 15, 1876 First A.L. no-hitter - Nixey Callahan - Chicago White Sox - September 20, 1902

How many MLB playoff no hitters have been thrown?

There has been 1 no hitter in the playoffs. That was Roy Halladay in the NLDS Game 1 against the Cincinnati Reds in 2010.

In 2006 there was an active Major League Baseball player who faced a pitcher who also pitched to Ted Williams. Who was the player in 2006 and who was the pitcher to face both guys?

Whoever told you this lied to you. Ted Williams retired at the end of the 1960 season. Assuming that the pitcher in 1960 was 16 (meaning born in 1944), he would have been 62 years old pitching in the MLB in 2006. That never happened. Unless there was a MLB pitcher that pithed to Ted Williams in a celebrity game or something like that... but never happened when they were all in the MLB

Who pitched the first MLB no hitter?

Noodles Hahn of the Cincinnati Reds threw the first no hitter of the modern era on July 12, 1900. The first no hitter on record, not recognized by Major League Baseball was thrown by Joe Borden on July 28, 1875 for the Philadelphia White Stockings.

How many players does a baseball team has?

How many players on a baseball team? You have 9 on the field. In the American League you have a desinated hitter who bats for the pitcher. Natation the pitcher hits. In the MLB you have a 40 man roster.

How much does a MLB pitcher make?

The average salary for an MLB pitcher is $650,000. The highest paid pitcher is CC Sabathia.

Which pitcher holds the Major League Baseball record for most no-hitters?

Nolan Ryan holds the MLB record for no-hitters thrown with 7.