Lower class in rome

Updated: 12/21/2022
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they are not that bad

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Q: Lower class in rome
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What was Rome's lower class?


How was Rome's Proletariat class created in the Second Punic War?

The proles had existed as the lower class in Rome from its inception 500 years earlier. The society was divided into Patricians and lower class Proles.

What was the name given to the lower class of rome?

The plebeians, or plebs, who were the commoners.

Who made up the lower class in Rome?

The Plebs, being the common folk.

What type of home did the lower class live in ancient rome?

litte like tents

What is a plebeian woman?

Typically referred to a common or lower class women of ancient Rome.

Did members of ancient Rome's lower class know how to read and write?

No. Only the higher class people got education.

How did the gracchi brothers tried to improve the condition of Rome's lower class?

distributing land to poor

What was the name for common people in rome?

Commoners in ancient rome were called plebians.

What would life be in the lower class in ancient Rome?

I don't know for shure but probably no food, no shelter, no school.

Who were the patracians?

In ancient Rome, the Patricians were the elite class of noble families. They were supported by the Plebians, who were of the lower and middle classes.

What did ancient roman lower class eat?

The poor in Rome lived mainly on bread and other cereal based meals.