Longest td run in super bowl?

Updated: 11/3/2022
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Longest TD run in Superbowl history was an interception by James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers, he ran the whole field

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Q: Longest td run in super bowl?
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Who threw the longest Super Bowl pass?

Jake Delhomme of the Panthers threw the longest Super Bowl pass to Muhsin Muhammed for an 85 yard TD in Super Bowl XXXVIII against the Patriots.

Who holds the record for the longest td catch in super bowl history?


Who had the longest touchdown pass in Super bowl history?

Willie Parker of the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XL vs. Seattle.His 75-yard touchdown run is the longest run from line of scrimmage in Super Bowl history, surpassing Marcus Allen's 74-yard run in Super Bowl XVII.Willie Parker's TD was a run. The longest touchdown passwas to wide receiver Mussin Mohammed from QB Jake Delhomme of the Carolina Panthers for 85 yards in 2004.

Who were the quarterback and receiver that hooked up on the longest TD pass in Super Bowl history and how many yards did it cover?

The longest pass in Super Bowl history was 85 yards from Jake Delhomme of the Panthers to Muhsin Muhammed in Super Bowl XXXVIII against the Patriots.

What is the NCAA football's longest run?

Heisman winner Terry Baker of Oregon State's 99 yard TD run in the Liberty Bowl in 1963

Who ran the longest play in the Super Bowl?

Tony Dorsett of the Dallas Cowboys. They were playing Minnesota on Monday Night Football. Minnesota punts the ball and downs it at the 1" line. Yes is said 1 inch line. Actually they call it the 1 yard line. The 1st play from scrimmage is a handoff to Dorsett up the middle and the rest is history He runs all the way for a touchdown. The unique thing about this record is it can never be beaten, only tied. The ball was technically at the 1yard line. You cannot run from scrimmage any further than 99 yards. Go Cowboys for ever!!!!

Who has the longest run in Rose Bowl history?

Willie Parker ran 75 yards for a TD in Super Bowl XL for the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Seattle Seahawks. Edit: As of 2/1/09 & Super Bowl 43, James Harrison had a 100-yard defensive touchdown.

What three players have scored touchdowns in super bowl for two different teams?

Muhsin MuhammadCarolina Panthers, Super Bowl XXXVIII (1 td), vs New England PatriotsChicago Bears, Super Bowl XLI (1 td), vs Indianapolis ColtsRicky ProehlSt. Louis Rams, Super Bowl XXXVI (1 td), vs New England PatriotsCarolina Panthers, Super Bowl XXXVIII (1 td), vs New England PatriotsJerry RiceSan Francisco 49ers, Super Bowl XXIX (3 tds) vs San Diego Chargers, Super Bowl XXIV (3 tds) vs Denver BroncosOakland Raiders, Super Bowl XXXVII (1 td) vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Super Bowl TD passes by Kurt Warner?


Did Jim kelly ever score a TD in a Super Bowl?

No, he threw for 2 TDs (both in Super Bowl XXVI) but did not score a touchdown in Super Bowl play.

Only jets touchdown in Super Bowl?

Matt Snell scored the only Jet TD it was a 4 yard run in the 2nd qt.

What is the NCAA Football record for the longest run from scrimmage?

Oregon State quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Terry Baker has the longest TD, 99 yards in the 1963 Liberty Bowl against Villanova.