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How did badminton originate

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How are snow mounds removed at South Pole

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Q: Long thin pole thrown in the Olympics?
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What do you call a long thin pole thrown in Olympics?

The pole is called a javelin.

What was the long thin pole called that was thrown in the Olympics in Greece?


Long thin pole thrown in olympics?

It's called a Javillon. (If it has a sharp edge on it)

What is the name of a long thin pole thrown in Olympus?

It is a javelin (a type of spear).

What is a thin flat circular magnet?


What was the fishing pole first like at the beginning?

Probably a long, thin branch cut off a tree, with a length of thin string (with a baited bone hook or lure on the lower end) tied to the tip of the branch.

What is a beanpole?

A beanpole is a thin pole for supporting bean vines, or, figuratively, a tall, thin person.

What is another word for thin that starts with the letter p?


Is there more life at the north or south pole?

The South Pole is located on the continent of Antarctica, and is a long way away from the coastal regions where most animal life would exist. There is no food for animals at the South Pole. The North Pole is located on a floating ice sheet in the Arctic Ocean. Animals such as Polar Bears might be able to break through thin ice around the North Pole to get at fish. Potentially, there would be more life at the North pole.

What is the Atlantic ocean like?

It is extremely long. It is so long it goes all the way from the Arctic to Antarctica, that's the North Pole to the South Pole. Opposite ends of the world, but it's very thin. It's a fast moving ocean. According to my mum, great white sharks live in the Atlantic Ocean.

Is the badminton singles service court described as short and fat or long and thin?

LOng and Thin

What is a long thin wooden pole that especially old or injured people use to help them walk?

This is called a walking stick or maybe a staff. A walking stick is shorter than a staff

Why is the palisade cell long and thin?

why is the palisade cell so long and thin

What did Captain Scott wear on his journey to the South Pole?

He wore only a thin woolen jumper, thin woolen trousers and hard boots which gave him and his team blisters.

What is the short word for long and thin?

The word narrow implies long and thin, as does slender.

Why are earthworm long and thin?

God made them long and thin just like your mum's pen!$

What kind of cleaning equipment is a water fed pole?

It is used for cleaning windows, it can also be used for clean cladding and signs, pure clean water is pumped through long thin pipes to ensure a good clean.

A sign is to be hung from the end of a thin pole and the pole supported by a single cable What if your design firm brainstorms the six scenarios. The cable is attached at the middle?

C=F>D>A>B>E Good luck !

When a cell is not dividing chromosomes form long thin fibers?

It forms long thin fibers called chromatin

Why do underwater plants have thin long leaves?

Underwater plants have long, thin leaves to reduce the drag or resistance of flowing water on them.

Why plants have long thin stem when they are inside the dark house?

Maybe because it is grown with the long thin leaves or because it was no fertilized

Which country has the ozone layer above it so thin?

It is not so much a country . . . but the ozone layer is thinnest above the north pole and above the south pole. This is the way it has been for millions of years, I suspect.

Bundles of long thin cells that make up muscles?

bundles of long thin cells that make up muscles

List of countries where the ozone layer is thin?

Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand are some. They are located near south pole.

Are there any Metaphors in Johnny Tremain?

yes for ex. "Miss Lavinia was a lean bean pole, thin in comparison to Madge"