Loaded question examples

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Most rational people agree that the Pittsburgh Steelers are the best football team in NFL history - do you agree?

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Q: Loaded question examples
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A question which rests on an unwarranted assumption?

Fallacies rest on unwarranted assumptions. Some people may make decisions based on myths or superstitions, even though they are not sound assumptions.

What are some examples of techniques?

One persuasive technique is loaded language.

What does the term that's a loaded question mean?

A loaded question is a question that contains an assumption within it that may lead to a particular answer or is meant to provoke a specific response. It is typically used to manipulate a discussion or to push a particular agenda.

What are the release dates for Life Goes On - 1989 Loaded Question 3-9?

Life Goes On - 1989 Loaded Question 3-9 was released on: USA: 24 November 1991

What is internal command and examples of internal command?

A command that is stored in the system memory and loaded from the

Why did Dave Sumrall step down?

now that's a loaded question

Is the word crushing a loaded word?

"Crushing" in slang, means to have sex. However I have no idea as to what 'loaded' means in your question, so this may not be the answer you're looking for.

Why death penalty is wrong?

This is considered a loaded question. You are making an unjustified assumption.

What I do in the weekend?

That is a loaded question that I have been warned not to answer. You are probably not located in GA anyway.

What are Pa's charges for being caught with a loaded firearm?

Not enough details to answer your question. If you're carrying a loaded firearm in a legal manner, and in legal possession of it, there'd be no charge.

Would Kristin Kreuk be interested in playing She Hulk in a movie?

That's a loaded question

Examples of loaded language?

Loaded language is language that is emotionally charged and carries strong connotations. Examples include labeling someone as a "criminal" instead of an "offender," referring to an organization as a "cult" instead of a "new religious movement," or calling a policy "reckless" instead of "bold."