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Q: Liverpool players who have also played for real Madrid?
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Which players have between Liverpool and real Madrid?

well one of the best playet which is also called the soccer champ maradona is been between liverpool and real madrid

What players have played for 2 or more of arsenal Chelsea man utd or Liverpool and also played for either real Madrid or Barcelona?

Nicolas Anelka, Michael Owen

Name 7 players that played for two of top 4 teams in England and also played in Spain?

Nicolas anelka - arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, real Madrid Jermaine pennant arsenal, Liverpool, real zaragoza theres two ;)

Which players have played in the world Cup final and also played in the Premiership?

Didi Hamman - Germany/Liverpool

What Chelsea players also played for Liverpool?

Nicolas Anelka is the only one I can think of.

Which players have played for a top four culb in England and have played in Spain?

I know Cesc Fabregas is one, (Arsenal + Barca B), Xabi Alonso played for 2005 champions league winners Liverpool, and now plays for Real Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo Played for Manchester United and also moved to Real Madrid Deco played for (Chelsea and Barcelona) Jerzy Dudek played for Liverpool and played for Real Madrid,-(recently just retired) Theirry Henry - (Arsenal and Barcelona) David Beckham - (Manchester United and Real Madrid) -I will try to add more when I think of more others!

Who played for both arsenal and Liverpool in the premier league?

One of the players who played for both arsenal and Liverpool is Nikolas Anelka ( also played for chelsea , West Brom ) Another Player is Yossi Bennoyoun

What 13 players played for two of the premiership big 4 team and in Spain?

Well Michael Owen has played for Liverpool and now Manchester United but he also played in Spain for Real Madrid but i don't think any player has done that so far I can think of six: Nicolas Anelka (Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool & Real Madrid) Lassana Diara (Chelsea, Arsenal & Real Madrid) Mark Hughes (Chelsea, Man Utd & Barcelona) Emmanuel Petit (Chelsea, Arsenal & Barcelona) Jermaine Pennant (Arsenal, Liverpool & Real Zaragosa) Plus Owen. the finalone is Zenden (Chelsea, Liverpool and Barcelona)

Which players have played for Barcelona and Chelsea and Liverpool?

boudewijn zenden Also Pepe Reina, Jari Litmanen

Why Barcelona don't bay players like real Madrid?

Barcelon do not pay their players like Real Madrid , mainly as they develop young players into their team, Resal Madrid keeps buying big named players, for huge amounts so they weekly salary is also huge.

What is Nicolas Anelka best known for?

Nicolas Anelka is best known as a professional soccer player who has played for some of the top clubs in the world. He has played for Real Madrid, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool amongst others. He has also played for the France national team.

There are 6 players past or present that have played for real Madrid or Barcelona and also played for 2 of the top 4 sides in England ie Manchester united Liverpool Chelsea or arsenal?

Nicholas Anelka Michael Owen Mark Hughes Emmanuel Petit Lassana Diara Bouudewijn Zenden

Most successful football team in Europe?

Judging by recent performances, Barcelona. But, Real Madrid has won more La Liga's and more Champions League titles. In England, Manchester United are the most successful at the moment, but Liverpool have the second most Premier League titles. Only a one behind Man U. Liverpool also have more Champions League titles than Man U and Barcelona. Out of Real Madrid and Liverpool I'd say Real Madrid, but I'm a huge Liverpool fan!

Which players have scored the winning goal in the European cup finals and have also played for rangers or Celtic?

Tommy Gemmill for Celtic in 1967, and Kenny Dalglish for Liverpool in 1978 (played for Celtic) immediately spring to mind. Anyone else?

Why is Madrid so popular?

because Real Madrid is one of the best football club of all time, with the loss of 2 games in their career, also madrid is the richest club of them all with the most expensvie players C.ronaldo

Where is Fernando Torres's house Madrid Liverpool?

His house is in Woolton, where Andriy Voronin and Dirk Kuyt also live.

Who are the Liverpool players who also played for Celtic?

Kenny Dalglish

Famous person in Chile?

IvánZamorano is originally from Chile and plays football. He has played for legendary teams including Inter Milan and Real Madrid. Also, he is on the FIFA 100 list of the best football players in the world.

Who does zidane play for?

He last played for Real Madrid at the club level. He also played internationally for France.

Which teams have successfully retained the European cup?

Liverpool 77 & 78, Real Madrid 1985 & 1986. Also Nottingham Forest 1979 and 1980.

Which Liverpool player also played for Manchester City?

Steve McManaman, Dietmar Hamann.

Who has won the premiership with a London club and also played for Liverpool?

Lucas Lopez in 1965

Who played for at least 2 of the following teams man you Liverpool Chelsea or arsenal in the premier and also played in Spain?


How many team steven Gerrard a Liverpool player has played for?

Steven Gerrard has only ever played for Liverpool even during his youth. He also currently plays for his national team England.

What team Zinedine Zidane play for?

Zinedine Zidane played for Bordeaux, Juventus and Real Madrid, he also played for France.