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As of October 29, 2007 the Associated Press Top 25 rankings:

1 Ohio State

2 Boston College


4 Oregon

5 Oklahoma

6 Arizona State

7 West Virginia

8 Kansas

9 Missouri

10 Georgia

11 Virginia Tech

12 Hawaii

13 Southern California

14 Texas

15 Michigan

16 Connecticut

17 Alabama

18 Florida

19 Auburn

20 South Florida

21 Wake Forest

21 Boise State

23 South Carolina

24 Tennessee

25 Clemson

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Q: List the top 30 nationally ranked division one college football teams.?
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Does TCU have cheerleading?

Yes The TCU Cheerleaders have the privilege of cheering for a nationally ranked, Division I football program. The cheerleaders travel to away football games

What are the 119 college football teams?

There are technically far more than 119 college football teams. The 119 are the ones that are nationally ranked. But smaller schools also have teams, But they cannot compete with the larger schools.

List the top 20 nationally ranked college dance teams?

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Where is Auburn University and the University of Georgia ranked on the all time college football wins list?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, as of the start of the 2007 season Georgia was ranked 11th on the Division 1-A all time wins list with 703 wins and Auburn was ranked 14th with 674 wins.

What year was the Duke Blue Devils ranked in the top 10 nationally at the end of the season?

The Duke Blue Devils have been ranked in the top 10 nationally at the end of the season several years in their history. They have been one of the top teams in the history of college football, and have also won 4 championships.

Where does WV rank in division 1a football all time wins?

As of the start of the 2008 season, the Mountaineers are ranked 15th in all time college football wins with 664. Ranked 14th is Syracuse with 670 wins and ranked 16th is Colorado with 659.

Who is the worst division 3 college football team?

that would be thiel college who was ranked last in every major category and with less than 100 total points scored during the 2010 season

How to go to the NFL?

Practice, practice, and when you're done practice some more. Be the best player on your high school football team and get good grades in order to be scouted by a nationally ranked college. Start for your college team and be a contributing player in order to be considered for the NFL draft.

What college football team is ranked number one in the AP poll?


Where can you see the top 15 ranked teams in college football?

Where is South Carolina ranked on all time college football wins?

As of the start of the 2008 season, the Gamecocks were ranked 60th of all Division 1-A teams with 521 wins (All time record as of the 2008 season was 521-523-44). Ranked 59th was North Carolina State with 524 wins and ranked 61st was Baylor with 517 wins.

In what specialties is NYU Medical Center nationally ranked in?

NYU Medical Centre has many nationally ranked specialties, these include diabetes and cancer. They have 13 nationally ranked specialties which I will list below: They are ranked 30 in Cancer; They are ranked 14 in Cardiology & Heart Surgery; They are ranked 20 in Diabetes & Endocrinology; They are ranked 22 in Ear, Nose & Throat; They are ranked 37 in Gastroenterology; They are ranked 9 in Geriatrics; They are ranked 45 in Nephrology; They are ranked 8 in Neurology & Neurosurgery; They are ranked 6 in Orthopedics; They are ranked 35 in Pulmonology; They are ranked 8 in Rehabilitation They are ranked 7 in Rheumatology; And finally they are ranked 17 in Urology.