List of water sport?

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type in 'water sports' in Google and go to wikipedia. there is a huge list of water sports there. hope this helps...x

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Q: List of water sport?
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What water is used for in sport?

*Clorox water is used for the sport of swimming

Is swimming a water sport?

Yes. You swim in water and it's a sport.

What sport are sport for Olympics?

A list of the Olympic sports can be found in the related links section.

Is water skiing considered a sport?

Yes, water skiing is considered a sport.

What is Olympic rowing?

it is a water sport it is a water sport and you must have power and you must have power

A list of free sport websites? and

What were the sport world records in 1997?

they were to long to list

What is the most popular water sport in Australia?

Swimming is easily the most popular water sport in Australia.

List and pictures of japan major sport?

karate sumo

What is the list of most revenue sport in America?

pornography shooting...

What is the 8th fastest growing water sport in the world?

The eighth fastest growing water sport is shown in the televised ratings and is water polo

Explain the term aquatic sport?

A sport which requires water to be played.

What is Anne Fine's favorite sport?

Her favourite sport is water polo

What is the most popular water sport?

water polo

What is the most dangerous water sport?

Water Polo

What is the famous water sport of Australia?

Water Polo

What water sport starts with S?

Swimming is a water sport. Additional water sports include synchronized platform diving and synchronized springboard diving.

Where is water polo played?

Water polo is a sport that is played in a pool. It is also an olympic sport that many countries compete in.

List every sport in japan?

karate, sumo and many more

Though what media is sport covered in in South Africa?

through what media is sport covered in south Africa - top 5 list

What water sport has the most deaths by drowning?

water polo

Name a water sport in which a goal can be scored?

Water polo.

Is water skiing is a recognised olympic sport?

Water Skiing briefly made an appearance in the Olympics in 1972 but only as a demonstration sport. It is not a sport in 2012 as well ;_; In order for a sport to be recognized it not only has to be popular but meet IOC Standards.

Is water polo a sport?

Yes it is.

Is kite surfing a water sport?

no it is not

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