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List of countries that host Commonwealth Games:

1978 Edmonton, Canada

1982 Brisbane, Australia

1986 Edinburg, Scotland

1990 Auckland, New Zealand

1994 Victoria, Canada

1998 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2002 Manchester, England

2006 Melbourne, Australia

2010 Delhi, India (October 3-14)

2014 Glasgow, Scotland (23 July - Aug 3)

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28 countries were first selected...............................

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Q: List of countries in which cwg held?
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Why CWG are held?

CWG are held for fun

Where was CWG held before India?

It was held in Canada.

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How often cwg held?

it is held once in 4 years.

Where will next cwg be played?

The next (20th cwg) will be held in GLASGOW . The largest city in SCOTLAND.

Where were cwg games held in India?


Where will next cwg be held?

Isn't it in India??

Where last cwg held?

The last C.W.G. was held in 2010 in Delhi.

How many countries are taking part in the present CWG?

71 countries.

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Where is next cwg going to be held?

Common Wealth Games - 2014 are going to be held in Glasgow, Scotland, U.K..