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There is a famouse women tennis player named zhironokova venchko.

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2009-09-05 10:30:17
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Q: List of all time Russian female tennis players?
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List female African American tennis players ranked?

A list of female African American tennis players that are ranked will most likely include the Williams Sisters, Venus and Serena. Throughout history, other ranked female tennis players that are African American have included Althea Gibson, Ora Washington and Zina Garrison.

List of all time highest earning female tennis players?

Maria Sharapova

List of players with most grand slams in tennis in 1980?

Bjorn Borg -2

How do you find other tennis players in your area?

You can find other tennis players in your area through a number of venues. Start out by contacting local tennis clubs and recreation centers to see if they have a members list. You can also find information on local tennis leagues through the United States Tennis Association.

List of female violin players?

Sarah Chang and Vanessa Mae

What is a tennis tournament 'draw'?

The list containing the match-ups of all players taking part in the tournament.

Who are the top 10 male tennis players in 2009?

The list of top ten male tennis players changes on the ATP tour changes from week-to-week, so an exact answer cannot be given, at least not until the end of the tennis calendar (i.e., when the Masters Finals have completed). Visit the Tennis Magazine website (refer to the link, below) to view the current top ten ATP (and WTA) players.

Who are Australia's famous male tennis players?

There are many well-known male Australian tennis players. A short list would include: Ian Fletcher, Ian Ayre, John Marks, Arthur Curtis, Rod Laver, Roy Emerson.

What blade and rubbers do the best table tennis players use?

The best players choose their blade and rubbers depending on what they prefer, and who sponsors them. There are too many types to list here.

List of players with most grand slams in tennis?

Pete Sampras and Roger Federer both have 14 grand slams each.

What are the names of Tennis players from Trinidad?

Some of the best Tennis players from Trinidad and Tobago are: Alan Price, Lindy Price, Tyler Mayers, Pierre Rudder, Shane Stone, Ronald Greaves, Mikey Clarke etc. All of these players were former #1 Juniors in Trinidad. Some like Tyler and Pierre had high ITF world junior rankings. There are many other really good tennis players from Trinidad who train away so its hard to list all. Of course this list is only in the men's category.

Which tennis players have 14 grand slam titles?

Pete Sampras. And if Fereda wins tomorrow the Ausie Open('09), they'll be in the tie list!!!

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