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Its practically impossible to give you the list of all the cricketers who played or playing international cricket. But for your satisfaction here is the link.

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Q: List of all cricketers who have played international cricket?
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Who is third highest wicket taker in one day of world?

Waqar Younis ranks third in the list of cricketers with the most wickets in List A cricket, with 675 wickets in 412 matches.

List of cricketers who have there name starting with 'E'?


How many runs has Sachin Tendulkar made in cricket history?

He has scored 34,357 in international cricket (15,921 runs in test cricket, 18,426 in one day internationals), 25,396 in first class cricket and 21,999 in list A cricket.

List of the 50 richest cricketers?

Younas khan...............hhahaha

What are the List of games those are played in national games in India?

Hockey, Cricket and Kabaddi

List of one day international cricket batsmen who have hit back to back centuries in the world?

tamari ma chodao

When and where was the cricket ashes first played?

How many rules in Cricket?

There are many different specifications in cricket as to how the game is played, however the MCC has created an official list which are known as "The 42 Laws of Cricket", in addition to which there are five appendixes.

A list of cricket equipments pictures and their characteristics?

cricket equipment

Who is the best cricket player in test matches?

Here is the list of the the top ten test cricketers in the world. IDrating Name 1883J.H. Kallis2874S.R. Tendulkar3838K.C. Sangakkara4833I.J.L. Trott5821 A.N. Cook6782V. Sehwag7766T.T. Samaraweera8763S. Chanderpaul9760A.B. de Villiers10744H.M. Amla

Lowest One Day International Team Score in 50 over match?

which country has the lowest scores in one day international cricket, also the list of the said team please

List of all the Sikh players who played from England cricket team?

Monty Panesar and Ravi Bopara

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