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list of all football teams

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Q: List of all NFL teams
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List of most consecutive winning teams in the NFL?

List of most consecutive winning teams in the NFL?

How many teams are ther in the NFL?

32 teams, if you would like for me to list them all send me a message

What teams were in the NFL in 1921?

Click on the 'NFL in 1921' link to see a list of teams and rosters from the 1921 season in the NFL.

Where might one find a list of all the teams in the NFL?

A list of every NFL team can be found directly on the league website, or by clicking on the NFL tab on any website that has a section dedicated to sports. In season, September-December, most newspapers and sports magazines will have a standings of the teams as well which would list them all.

Is there a list of NFL team colors?

Click on the link below. It has all the past, present and anniversary colors of NFL teams.

How many NFL teams in all?

In the NFL their are 32 teams

What NFL teams have no chearleaders?

No NFL teams have no cheerleaders. They all have them and many of them.

All NFL teams NFL championships?


list of NFL teams scoreing 33 points in 2013?

what NFL teams srored 33 points only this year 2013

List all NFL teams without a Super Bowl win?

In the NFC its the Cardinals, Saints and Lions

What teams were in the NFL in 2005?

All 32 that are currently in the NFL.

List of teams in the nfl who make the most money?

Payton Manning

List of winniniest teams in nfl since 1970?

Ravens are the best

Where can you find an alphabetical list of NFL teams by state?

Right here on WikiAnswers.

Do all the states have football teams?

All states have college football teams, but not even half of the states have NFL teams.

Can you tell me all the sports team names?

It would take forever for someone to locate and list all the sport teams in the world. To find a list of teams try looking up the sports main page like NFL, NBA, WNBA, NHL, and so on.

How many NfL teams are in a division?

4 teams in a division,16 teams in the NFC all by itself,16 teams in the AFC all by itself,and 32 teams all together.

How many NFL teams have Williams?

All of them

How can you become a NFL head coach?

Send your resume to all of the NFL teams.

NFL teams not ending in the letter S?

There are none. All current teams in the NFL (National Football League) end in an "S".

What is the richest NFL team?

None, the NFL has revenue sharing, where all the teams get a eqaul share of all the money the NFL has earned.

How many teams are in the NFL?

There are 32 teams in the NFL.

Where do the NFL teams get their jerseys?

Reebok makes the NFL Jerseys for NFL Teams.

Will all the NFL teams still wearing number 21 on their helmets?

All NFL teams wore #21 on their helmets in Week 13 of 2007, to honor Sean Taylor, the Redskins star who was killed. Some, but not all, NFL teams continued wearing the number for the rest of the season.

How many teams are there in all the major sport leagues?

32 football teams NFL