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undertaker vs mankind in your house buried alive 96

undertaker vs stone cold steve austin in your house rock bottom 98

undertaker and big show vs the rock and mankind smackdown 99

undertaker vs vince mcmahon Survivor series 03

undertaker vs kane bragging rights 2010

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Q: List of all Buried Alive matches?
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Do you wake up after being buried?

I believe you may be refering to the famous "Buried alive matches". Of corse the match is all "kayfabe" which means it's not real. The superstars can't get buried alive they would die of suffication. But if you mean being buried alive for real after a few minutes you'll die.

Are Buried Alive matches real?

yes and no but to be honset its all fake but entertaining. the best matches are hardcore last man standing first blood and hell in a cell.

Identify four US president's that are not buried on American soil?

This is a classic "trick riddle". All dead U.S. presidents are, thus far, buried on U.S. soil... therefore the only answer is a list of all present and former U.S. presidents who are currently alive, and consequently not buried in any soil.

What are the list of animals that are born alive?

All animals are born alive

Where can one find a list of matches between Barcelona and Madrid?

One can find a list of matches between Barcelona and Real Madrid on the Wikipedia website. There they have a section on El Classico with a list of all the contests.

What are all of the types of matches that will be in SmackDown vs RAW 2006?

the ones that were in all the rest of them...but they have added better storylines and it wont be as easy to win..then it'll be just gay...but they have added casket match/buried alive which the fans WANT WRESTLING GAMES WOULD BE BETTER IF THEY WOULD JUST 4GET ABOUT THQ!

What are the matches for the raw roulette?

They have like street fights and cage matches and ladder matches TLC matches and all kinds of matches.

Why can't a man in Winston-Salem NC be buried west of the Mississippi River?

If he is "in Winston-Salem", the brain teaser probably intends to indicate that he is still alive, which is why he would not be buried at all, no matter where.

Who are the 5 presidents that are not buried in the US?

all five still alive except the one who just died a cuople months ago

A plane from Madrid to Barcelona crashes arriving at Barcelona Where will be the survivors buried?

Nowhere any time soon, them being alive and all.

Are tna matches planned?

Yep all pro matches are

Who has won the most buried alive matches?

There Has Only Been 4 in History... And Every BA Match the Opponent Has Been Different... The UNDERTAKER Has Lost All but One of Them... The One Being Rock N' Sock Connection Vs. Big Show and Undertaker on the September 9, 1999 edition of Smackdown.

How many matches has the rock won?

The rock won all the matches without the loosing and disqualify matches.

List four thinks that all organisms need to stay alive?

air food water environment

How many matches did Murray win on 2013 Wimbledon?

All of them. 7 matches.

Which WWE matches are not fixed?

None. The outcomes of all WWE matches are Fixed

Are all the popes buried in St. Peter's Basilica?

While a number of popes are buried in St. Peter's Basilica, not all of them are buried there.

What animals were alive 100 million years ago?

That's a long list. Virtually all animals except primates were alive 100 million years ago.

Does brushing your hair make it grow?

No it does not. All your hair is, is a long chain of dead skin cells. The only alive part is at the base of the hair that is buried in the skin.

Where is elie wiesel buried?

Elie Wiesel is still alive today, and is still working to educate people of all ages on the Holocaust, and how we need to learn from history.

How do you get all characters for smackdown vs raw o8?

you have to beat all the matches in story mode you have to beat all the matches in story mode

Why were Egyptian pharaohs buried with their childhood toys?

They were buried with all their belongings.

How many people's houses were destroyed during the volcanoes eruption?

]the hole town was destroyed and only 1,000 people survived . the others where all buried alive in magma

What are grudge matches in custom robo arena?

Grudge matches are matches where you need certain requirements like the 2nd time you face Eddie (defeat all other grudge matches)

Why are there some matches in WWE Breaking Point in pinfall ain't all matches should end in submission?

no only the matches that are a big deal end in submission the main event matches