List of NFL franchise owners

Updated: 10/20/2022
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As of Super Bowl XLII: Arizona Cardinals - Bill Bidwill

Atlanta Falcons - Arthur Blank

Baltimore Ravens - Steve Bisciotti

Buffalo Bills - Ralph Wilson

Carolina Panthers - Jerry Richardson

Chicago Bears - Virginia Halas McCaskey

Cincinnati Bengals - Mike Brown

Cleveland Browns - Randy Lerner

Dallas Cowboys - Jerry Jones

Denver Broncos - Pat Bowlen

Detroit Lions - William Clay Ford, Sr.

Green Bay Packers - Green Bay Packers, Inc.

Houston Texans - Robert C. McNair

Indianapolis Colts - Jim Irsay

Jacksonville Jaguars - Wayne Weaver

Kansas City Chiefs - Clark Hunt

Miami Dolphins - Wayne Huizenga

Minnesota Vikings - Zygi Wilf

New England Patriots - Robert Kraft

New Orleans Saints - Tom Benson

New York Giants - John Mara and Steve Tisch

New York Jets - Robert Wood Johnson IV

Oakland Raiders - Al Davis

Philadelphia Eagles - Jeffrey Lurie

Pittsburgh Steelers - Dan Rooney

San Diego Chargers - Alex Spanos

San Francisco 49ers - Denise DeBartolo York and John York

Seattle Seahawks - Paul Allen

St. Louis Rams - Stan Kroenke

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Malcolm Glazer

Tennessee Titans - Bud Adams

Washington Redskins - Dan Snyder

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Q: List of NFL franchise owners
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