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Steve Spurrier

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Q: List ofUniversity of South Carolina head football coaches?
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University of South Carolina football team roster in 1994?

what was the university of south carolina football roster

When was South Carolina State Bulldogs football created?

South Carolina State Bulldogs football was created in 1907.

Who won first South Carolina versus Clemson football game?

The first football game between South Carolina and Clemson was played in 1896. South Carolina won 12-6.

What are the top ten active college football coaches with the most wins?

Frank beamer-va tech Mack brown-u Texas Chris auth-u Nevada Steve spurrier-south Carolina

What is the name of the football team for the University of South Carolina?

The name of the football team for the University of South Carolina is the Gamecocks. They play at the Williams-Brice stadium which holds 80,250 fans.

What year did South Carolina beat Auburn in football?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, South Carolina has beaten Auburn once and that was in 1933 by a score of 16-14.

Did South Carolina Gamecocks every play UCLA in football?

The Gamecocks have never faced the Bruins in collegiate football, though South Carolina has beaten the Trojans on their last meeting in 1983.

What has the author Rick Scoppe written?

Rick Scoppe has written: 'Game of my life' -- subject(s): Football, History, South Carolina Fighting Gamecocks (Football team), University of South Carolina

When did Gamecocks become the official mascot for South Carolina?

South Carolina Gamecocks football was created in 1892.

Who has the most wins in the clemson South Carolina football rivalry?


What good football players have came from the University of South Carolina?


Where did famed football player and wrestler attend college?

South Carolina