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Q: List national football teams in order from best to last?
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How many division two football teams are in North Carolina?

There are 12 division 2 football teams in North Carolina. Click the link for a list of these teams.

How many teams are ther in the NFL?

There are currently 32 teams in the NFL. They are divided into 8 divisions, 4 in the American Conference and 4 in the National Conference. The divisions in each conference are North, South, East, and West.

List of scottish football teams with athletic in name?

the scotts

Who are the five best football teams in the NFL?

It's a matter of opinion but here is my list in no particular order. Colts Patriots Packers Seahawks Broncos

What ncaa football teams have won the national title?

Click on the 'NCAA Division 1 Football Champions' link on this page to see a list of all colleges awarded the national championship since 1879.

Can you list college football national football championships by conference since 1936?

ummmmm no

List the NCAA division one football teams by enrollment?

Tulsa, Wake Forest

What are the 117 division 1-A football teams?

As of the 2007 season, there are 119 Division 1-A college football teams. Click on the 'NCAA Division 1-A Schools' link on this page to see a list of them.

Is there a List of small NFL football Players?

Try checking out the NMFL website. National Midget Football League.

List of top football teams in CFL?

Montreal Alouettes Saskatchewan Roughriders Calgary Stampeders Hamilton Tiger-Cats

List of England national football team captains 2010?

They are John Terry and Rio Ferdinand.

Ncaa football national champion list from 1950 to 2006?

Go to the following web site: