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la galaxy, dynamos,Mexico speed,Chicago fire!

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Q: List all professional American soccer teams?
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How many division 1 men's soccer teams?

I think it is 202 as that is how many teams are on the 2008 NCAA Men's Soccer RPI list.

What is the Italian soccer team?

There are a few Italian soccer teams, such as Lazio, AC Milan, Inter Milan, and the list goes on and on.

Ranking of soccer clubs in the world?

list of best soccer leagues in latin American

What are Virginia's professional sports teams?

A list can be found by clicking on the link below. There are no major professional sports leagues in Virginia.

How do you make yourself available to soccer teams after playing soccer in college?

Make sure your college coach knows how to reach you in case a league scout contacts your school about you. There is no "list" at the pro level to place yourself on to express your desire to play ball. Some pay-to-play leagues have a list at their offices that a player can place themselves on. Teams who are short of players can look at the list and give you a call. Most semi-pro or amateur teams (and some pro teams) have open try-outs to give players who have slipped through the cracks a chance to show their stuff. Contact your local teams to find out times and possible costs (some teams charge a small fee) for their try-outs. Leagues like the Womens Premier Soccer League and the (mens) National Premier Soccer League have teams in almost every state in the U.S.

What are the rules for membership in national soccer teams?

The rules used are FIFA rules. The FIFA website contains this extensive list.

List of countries that play football?

Almost all do! You can look at the official FIFA world rankings. It states the number of national soccer teams and their ranking in the standings of all internationonal teams. I believe that there are more than 200 on the list, and you can view the rankings for club teams on the website as well.

List of all NFL teams?

list of all football teams

Where can you get a list of MLS coaches email addresses?

Usually, the Mls coaches email addresses are on there Proffesional soccer teams website. Check it up, it is usually on there :)

What colleges can I attend to become a professional gymnast?

On this website you can find a list of all collegiate gymnastics teams, *

What are some professional migraine doctors?

Professional migraine doctors are members of either the American Academy of Neurology, the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, or the American Neurological Association. Each association provides a list of doctors on their website.

What sports were played from 2004-2009?

Throughout the world, just about every professional sport was played from 2004-2009. Several include American football, soccer, basketball, ice hockey, field hockey, rugby, tennis, golf ..... the list is long.

List of most consecutive winning teams in the NFL?

List of most consecutive winning teams in the NFL?

List of pro sports teams in Poland?

List of professional sports teams in Poland is speedway, track & field, basketball, boxing, football, handball, ice hockey, swimming, volleyball and weightlifting.

Is there a list of all teams and how many cups they won? has that list.

List of all NHL teams?


Professional societies and activities?

list professional societies and activities in civic

List of black professional boxers from in new york?

Two black professional boxers from New York are Sugar Ray Leonard and Larry Holmes. Also, Laila Ali and Marvelous Marvin Hagler are professional African American boxers from NY.

What are some of the teams competing in the United Soccer League or USL?

The teams that are competing in the USL are Antigua Barracuda FC, Chaleston Battery, Charlotte Eagles, Dayton Dutch Lions, Harrisburg City Islanders and another one is Los Angeles Blues. These are some for the USL PRO list.

Is there a list of baseball teams in Mexico?


How many are there in the NBA?

30 teams are on the list.

What are all the NBA teams and their cities?

Just go down a few lines in the WikiAnswers category list and select "NBA Teams". The whole list will open.

How is Sri Lanka doing in soccer?

Sri Lanka has a national soccer team but not in the top ratings list.

Is there a list of christian famous soccer players?


List all of the Packers who wore the jersey#25?

Me I was a soccer player

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