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From Stuart, Florida to the Panama Canal it is approximately 2,000 miles.

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Q: Length of time to boat from Florida to California at 6 knots?
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Which country is shaped like a boat?

either California Ohio Florida or New York

How long does it take to sail from Florida to Cancun Mexico?

The amount of time it takes to sail the 550 miles to Cancun Mexico from Florida depends on many different factors. The size of the boat, the average speed it travels, where in Florida the boat is leaving from and the wind factors. A boat traveling about an average of five knots would take about five days to reach Cancun.

How is boat speed measured?

Boat speed is measured in Knots. 1 knot = 1.1 mile per hour. So 10 knots = 11mph.

How fast does a boat travel?

How fast a boat can travel varies based on the type of boat. Some boats travel at very slow speeds like 3-4 knots, and others at 80+ knots.

If a boat cruises at 24 knots how fast is that in kilometers an hour?

24 knots = about 44.45 kph

How long does it take from miami to Fiji by boat going 22 knots?

It will take approximately 293 hours to travel from Miami to Fiji by boat going 22 knots.

How fast is a jet boat?

30 knots

A speed boat moves at 35 knots and an auto moves at 35 statute miles per hour convert the speed boat's velocity to statute miles per hour and the auto velocity to knots?

35 knots = 40.28 mph 35 mph = 30.41 knots

How many hours does it take from California to Florida by boat?

If you resubmit this question, please be more specific. California is over 1000 miles long. Florida is over 500 miles long.

How long does it takes to travel 3 miles by boat?

If the miles are nautical ones, then it takes (3)/(the boat's speed in knots) hours. If the miles are statute ones, then it takes (2.6053)/(the boat's speed in knots) hours.

If a boat cruises at 24 knots how fast is that in miles an hour?

24 knots is about 27.6 miles per hour.

Is 22.5 knots fast for a boat?

1 knot = 1.1508 mph, so 22.5 knots = 25.893 mph

How long to go 210 nautical miles by boat?

Depends on how many knots the boat is doing

What is the length of a motor boat?

The length of a motor boat is not restricted

How long does it take on a boat to get to Florida?

it depends where your starting location is, what type of boat you have, and where in Florida you are headed to

If a boat is traveling at 30 knots how many km's per hour is it traveling?

30 Knots = 55.56 Kilometers per Hour

How big sail boat for 15 knots?

I learned to sail in a 7-foot long sailboat that regularly achieved 20 knots.

What is the average speed of a lister sr2 engine for a narrow boat in knots?

Maximum speed on the canal is 4 knots. my 45ft narrowboat will reach 7 knots. It weighs about 20 tons.

How fast do most passenger river boat travel in knots - most river boats around the world travel at the same speed?

Most of the passenger river boat travels at 35 knots per hour.

How do you judge boat speed?

you usually judge boat speed depending on its size. if its a smaller boat then it would be by MPH. but for bigger boats they go by knots

A sail boat broke a speed record by traveling at an average speed of 44.5 knots over 500 metersWhat is the average rate of speed in knots per meter?

.089 knots per meter or 11.23 meters per knots

How fast does a viking long boat travel?

2-3 knots

What is thee average speed of a tug boat?

5 Knots/hr

If your speed is measured at 10 knots what are you riding in?

A water-going vessel, such as a boat or ship.

Where can on book boat tours in Florida?

You can book boat tours in Florida online through websites such as Wild Florida Air Boats and Destin Boat Tours. You can also contact any of the companies that operate boat tours in Florida over the phone and set up appointment.