Leeds united goal

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what do you mean by " Leeds united goal " expand your question

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Q: Leeds united goal
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What has the author Jason Tomas written?

Jason Tomas has written: 'Goal!' 'The Leeds United story' -- subject(s): Leeds United (Soccer team)

How many goals has goalkeeper Paul Robinson scored in his career?

1 goal for Leeds United 1 goal for Tottenham Hotspur

Who scored the winning goal in the 1972 fa cup final?

that would be Allan Clarke for leeds united

Who won the English FA cup in 1973?

Sunderland, by beating Leeds United by one goal to nil.

What is the ten top leeds united goalscorers?

The main goal scorers are Eric Cantona, mark Viduka, Harry kewell.

Who scored the fourth goal for Leeds United in their 4 0 win over West Ham United in the 1997 1998 season?

I think his name was Joe Campbell yeah it was

Who scored the last goal of the millennium last goal in world football?

The last Premiership goal of the last millennium was scored by Jody Morris; an English football midfielder that currently plays for Scottish club St. Johnstone. He has also previously played for Chelsea, Leeds United, Rotherham United and Millwall.

Who scored the furthest goal in football?

Paul Robinson scored from 86 yds in 2008 against Watford at White Hart Lane. His 2nd goal after scoring for Leeds United against Swindon Town in 2004

First 1 million pound goal keeper?

The first one million pound goalkeeper was Nigel Martins, when he joined Leeds United. Nigel Martins is also the first two million goalkeeper when he was sold to Everton , when Leeds United were relegated. And David Moyes the manager of Everton says it was his best buy ever.

Who played up front for Leeds with tony yeboah?

who parternered Tony Yeboah up front for Leeds and scored the 1st Premier League goal

What year did leeds win the cup?

Leeds wond the centenary FA Cup Final in 1972, beating Arsenal 1-0 with a goal scored in the 53rd minute by Allan Clarke.

Who is the Goal of United Nation?

the goal is to remain peace in the world

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