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In 1978, when the tournament was held in Argentina.

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Q: Last time Scotland qualified for world cup without England?
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When was Last time England beat Germany football?

The last time Scotland qualified for the World Cup was in France in 1998

Which team is not qualified for 2011 cricket world cup?


Has Afghanistan qualified for ICC 2015?

yes afghanistan was one of the 4 associate nation which was qualified for the world cup 2015 held in australia and new zealand and was in the pool a which included australia ,newzealand ,scotland,england,srilanka,bangladesh and afghanistan in which afghan won against scotland

How many times has Scotland qualified for the world cup?

Scotland has never hosted the Olympics.

The other English speaking country that has qualified for World Cup Football?

England and U.s.A. have qualified for a world cup.

How many times have England beaten Scotland at football?

In all Scotland have been to 8 World Cup Tornaments. Each time they have gone out in the first round. Their last appearance in a World Cup was back in 1998. In all they have played 23 world cup mathes winning 4 drawing 7 and losing 12.however they have qualified for 9 world cups but withdrew from the 1950 world cup .

How many times has England qualified for the world cup?

As of 2014, England has been in 14 world cups.

How did England get to the World Cup?

England qualified with the help of 9 goals scored by Rooney.

Did England qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Yes, England qualified for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Will England play in the World Cup 2010?

Yes. England have qualified for the 2010 World Cup FInals in South Africa.

Surrounded by wales Scotland and Ireland what did England fear?

England feared that Scotland, Ireland and wales would attack them and wipe out the whole world!!!

How many world cup teams are British?

They are Wales Scotland and England.