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Julio Baptista, also for Arsenal in a League Cup tie in 2007.

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Q: Last player before arshavin to score four goals against Liverpool at anfield?
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Before Chelsea beat Liverpool 4-1 in the 2005 -2006 season at anfield which team were the last to score 4 goals against the Liverpool at anfield?


Will liverpool's first game of 2012-13 premier league be at anfield?

no, i don't think so because last year it was at Anfield and same as the year before that.

What was Liverpool FC called before it was Liverpool FC?

Liverpool FC didnt change their name. Liverpool F.C. were formed in 1892 after Everton broke away from the club. The owner of the Anfield Stadium and a few players formed the club in 1892.

Where did Everton play their home games before they played at Goodison Park?

They played their home games at Anfield (now the home of Liverpool) before they started playing at Goodison Park.

When did Liverpool last play mansfield?

They met in the 1970/71 League Cup in Round Two. The teams drew 0-0 at Field Mill, before Liverpool won the replay at Anfield 3-2.

Where was Arshavin from which team before Arsenal?


In which leaague did andrei arshavin play before epl?

Before playing for Arsenal in the E.P.L Andrei Arshavin was playing in Russia , for St Petersburgh.

Who did Andrei Arshavin play for before arsenal?

Zenit St Petersburg

Which team did andrey arshavin play for before arsenal?

zenit st. petersburg

How many times has Manchester United star Nemanja Vidic been sent off?

Manchester United star Nemanja Vidic has been sent off in total of four times including two against Liverpool last season and one again this season. He has been sent off in the 49th minute of the 2008 Club World Cup Final. Then on the 13th September 2008, he got sent off for two yellow card offences against Liverpool in Anfield, away from home just before stoppage time. At Old Trafford, thirteen days later after Manchester United's win over Spurs in the Carling Cup Final, he got sent off against Liverpool again for bringing down Steven Gerrard, who was clear in goal. This occurred on the 14th March 2009. Again for the third time in his career, he got sent off against Liverpool at Anfield for two booking offences, but this time for bringing down Dirk Kuyt as United went to lose 2-0.

Who was the first liverpool manager?

There were two: John McKenna, who was also the Club Secretary and was friends with the founder John Houlding. W.E Barclay, he had also been the Manager of Everton Football Club before they had left Anfield for Goodison Park.

Who did Andrei Arshavin play for before Zenit St Petersburg?

no one he has only played for arsenal and zenit.

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