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Q: Last game Tom Brady threw an interception for a touchdown pick 6?
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Who scored the final touchdown for the Saints in Super Bowl XLIV?

Tracy Porter scored the last touchdown for the Saints, making a 74-yard interception return.

Who was the last Michigan alum to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl?

Tom Brady

Why did the colts coach not let Peyton Manning play for the last quarter?

Peyton manning did play the last quarter, he threw the interception in the last quarter

How the saints won the Super Bowl by a kick off or a touch down?

They won on a touchdown by quarterback Drew Brees, a touchdown off a Peyton Manning interception returned by Tracy Porter, and by a last-minute goalline stand.

When was Tom Bradys last interception?

October 17, 2010 against the Baltimore Ravens was the last time Tom Brady of the New England Patriots has thrown and interception. It was with 4 seconds left in the 4th quarter.

Was Brett Favre's last pass for the Atlanta Falcons an interception?

Very possibly. He only threw 4 passes as a Falcon, and 2 were intercepted. His first ever pass was an interception; so the other interception must have come on one of the three remaining passes.

Who made touchdowns in the 2007 Super Bowl for the Colts?

Reggie Wayne caught a 53 yard pass from Peyton Manning for one, Dominic Rhodes had a one yard touchdown run, and Kelvin Hayden ran back a 56 yard interception for the last touchdown.

What quarterback had the most interceptions in one game?

Jay Cutler last year against the 49ers who had 6 interceptions; and they still almost won, but Cutler threw a interception on the last drive.

Can you give me a sentence using the word interception?

The linebacker had a great interception last night,

Did the hurricanes win last night?

Yes.... 31-17....It wasn't even a good game!! They both sucked until the 4th quarter! It was 7-7 until then. They traded a touchdown. then Florida went up by 3. Then they scored a touchdown on an interception near the 20. USC & Utah are by far better than these 2 teams!!

Who scored last touchdown under Chuck Noll?

Chuck Noll's final game of coaching the Pittsburgh Steelers was December 22, 1991 against the Cleveland Browns. The Steelers won that game 17-10. The final touchdown scored by the Steelers under Chuck Noll was a 57 yard interception return for a TD by cornerback Richard Shelton.

Was Brett Favre's Last throw as an Atlanta Falcon an interception?