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Lionel Messi




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Q: Last four jersey number 10 Barcelona fc players?
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What soccer players wear the number 2?

Either the last man (sweeper) or left/right defenders wear the number 2 jersey

What Alabama football players wore jersey number 16?

The last person to wear No.1 was Ramzee Robinson. He graduated in '06.

Who were the last three NBA players on the Dallas Mavericks to wear number 5?

I think Josh Howard was the only player wearing jersey #5.

What University of Illinois basketball players in the last 15 years wore jersey number 22?

kiwane garris, lucas johnson, probably more

How many real Madrid did won classico?

with the last win its 87 for real Madrid and 86 for Barcelona IN LA LIGA i think the last win was because Barcelona couch wanted the players to rest for the champions which he lost it too.

How many times has Barcelona beat real Madrid in the last 3 years?

depends because they have unfairly beat them with 12 players

One players did not play in the last El Classico?

The last El Classico was in 10th/April/2010. In Barcelona: Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In Real Madrid: Ricardo KAKA.

Who wears jersey number 10 at Orlando pirates?

Jersey number 10 is a retired jersey at Orlando Pirates FC. The last player to wear it was Steve Lekoelea.

Who is jersey and what number was the last to be retired by the Celtics?

Reggie Lewis #35

What is the jersey number of Sami Khedira in Real Madrid?

For the 2010-2011 season, which was last year, his number was 24. This season (2011-2012) his number is 6.

What team has won most trophies in last 26 years Real Madrid or Barcelona?


Why bayern munich allow to wear red against Barcelona and man utd can't?

The Barcelona kit has less red on it since the last time Manchester United played against Barcelona, meaning the kit, from the players perspective, is bluck, with a strip of red down the middle, rather that blue and red stripes all around the kit. Hope this answers your question.