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Feb 4, 2007. They lost to the Indianapolis Colts 29-17.

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In 1986 they beat the Patriots 46-10 in the Super Bowl. In 2007 they lost to the Colts 29-17 in the super bowl.

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They last played in the Superbowl in 2006 and were defeated by the Indianapolis Colts.

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Q: Last Super Bowl the Chicago Bears played?
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Who played in the2008 Super Bowl?

The Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears

Have the Chicago Bears ever played in the Super Bowl?

Yes twice

Who played in Super Bowl XLI?

The Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears.

When did the Chicago bears win the super bowl?

The Chicago Bears won their only Super Bowl in 1985 (XX)

Which teams played in the super bowl in 2007?

Indianapolis colts and Chicago bears

Who did the Bears play in Super Bowl XLI?

Super Bowl XLIThe Inianapolis Colts beat the Chicago Bears 29-17 in Super Bowl XLI played on February 4, 2007.

Who played Patriots Super bowl xx?

The Chicago Bears. The Bears won the game 46-10.

What years did Chicago Bears play in the Super Bowl?

The Bears one Super Bowl victory was for the 1985 season and their regular season record was 15-1. They won Super Bowl XX, played January 26, 1986 over the New England Patriots. Their total record for the season, including playoffs, was 18-1. The score was 46-10As of the 2007 season, the last Super Bowl the Bears played in was Super Bowl XLI played in February, 2007. The Bears other Super Bowl appearance was in Super Bowl XX, played in January, 1986.2007 (2006 season)2006

What Super Bowl team recorded the Super Bowl shuffle?

1985 Bears

How many rings do the Chicago Bears have?

The Chicago Bears have won 1 Super Bowl championship. The Chicago Bears won the 1985 Super Bowl against the New England Patriots.

Who led the Chicago Bears to super bowl in year2008?

The Chicago Bears never went to the Super Bowl in 2008. They went in 1986 and 2006.

How many superbowls have the Chicago Bears played in?

The Chicago Bears have appeared in two Super Bowls and won once. Here are the results (with the winning game in bold):Super Bowl XX (1-26-86) -- Chicago 46, New England Patriots 10.Super Bowl XLI (2-4-07) -- Indianapolis Colts 29, Chicago 17.