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Q: Last Montreal Canadiens game played at the forum?
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Who scored the last goal at the Montreal forum?

Andrei Kovalenko of the Montreal Canadiens

Who does john LeClair play for?

He played for the Montreal Canadiens last. He also played on Pittsburgh.

When was the last time the Montreal Canadiens played a home game on a Friday night?

December 4 th 2009

When was the last time 2 Canadian teams played for the Stanley cup?

1935: Montreal Maroons defeated Toronto Maple Leafs 1947: Toronto Maple Leafs defeated Montreal Canadiens 1951: Toronto Maple Leafs defeated Montreal Canadiens 1959: Montreal Canadiens defeated Toronto Maple Leafs 1960: Montreal Canadiens defeated Toronto Maple Leafs 1967: Toronto Maple Leafs defeated Montreal Canadiens 1986: Montreal Canadiens defeated Calgary Flames 1989: Calgary Flames defeated Montreal Canadiens

Who was the last player to wear 11 for Montreal Canadiens?

Saku Koivu

Who was the last Montreal Canadiens to score 50 goals?

Stephen richer

Who scored last hat trick in a Montreal Canadiens team?


When was the last game played at the Mellon Arena?

The last regular season home game was played on April 8th, 2010. The very last Penguins game to be played at the Igloo was a loss to the Montreal Canadiens 5-2 on 12 May, 2010

When was the second to last time an all Canadian the Stanley Cup final?

1986: The Montreal Canadiens defeated the Calgary Flames 4 games to 1. The last time was 1989: The Calgary Flames defeated the Montreal Canadiens 4 games to 2.

What is Geogrues Laraque famous for?

Georges Laraque is a retired Canadian ice hockey player who last played for the Montreal Canadiens. He played the forward position, and is now a commentator for TVA Sports.

What team did the Montreal Canadiens play when they won their last Stanley cup?

Los Angeles Kings

Who was the last Canadian team to bring home the Stanley Cup?

Montreal canadiens 1992-93