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Sol Campbell

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Q: Last English player to score in a champions league final?
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Last welsh player score in champions league final?

The player is Ryan Giggs.

Who is the only player to have scored in an fa cup final league cup final uefa cup final and a champions league final?

steven Gerrard

Who is the player which has lost champions league final fa cup league cup?

John Carew

What player has lost in a champions league fa cup and league cup final?

John Carew

Where was the 2008 UEFA Champions League final played?

The 2008 UEFA Champions League Final was played in Moscow at the Luzhniki Stadium. The final match was between the English teams Manchester United and Chelsea.

Who is the only player to score in an fa cup final league cup final uefa cup final and champions league cup final?

Steven Gerrard

Whos the only player to have scored in a champions league final uefa cup final fa cup final and league cup final?

matt tubbs

Champions League final in 2015 stadium?

The Champions League final will be played in the Olympiastadion in Berlin, Germany.

Who won the 2005 champions league final?

Liverpool F.C. of England won the 2005 Champions League Final.

How many teams from English premier league qualify for champions league?

The top four teams qualify for the Champions League. They will play in different rounds depending on their EPL final standings.

Which player has scored in a fa cup final and a champions league final in the same year?

Didier Drogba( Chelsea)

Who one the champions league manu or Barcelona?

I think you are referring to the 2011 Champions lEague final. If that is the case, Barcelona won the Champions league final. They won 3-1.

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