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The largest College Football game ever witnessed by attendance is unofficially 120,000 at Soldier's Field Chicago in 1927, Notre Dame 7, USC 6

The largest official game ever witnessed was also Notre Dame and USC at Soldier's Field Chicago in 1929, with almost 113,000

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Q: Largest college football attendance
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What school has the lowest attendance in college football?


What is the average attendance at a football game?

The average attendance in a football game depends on the specific game. College games typically have higher attendance than high school games.

Where did Florida rank in college football average attendance in 2006?


Which college football team has the highest average attendance?

East Carolina

What is the largest student attendance at a college football game?

Nearly 39,000 students attended Texas A&M-Lamar on Saturday September 6, 2014 at the renovated Kyle Field.

Who is the largest lineman in college football?

Jeff Wills of the University of Minnesota is registered at 6'7" 375 lbs. He is the largest starting offensive lineman in college football.

What is the largest scoring deficit in college football history?


What is the largest on-campus college football stadium?

Beaver stadium

What is the largest margin of victory in a college football game?

In 1916, Georgia Tech beat Cumberland 222-0. The 222 point margin of victory is the largest in the history of college football.

What is the largest crowd to ever attend a college football game?


What is the largest difference is score in a college football game?


Who has the largest college football stadium in division 1-aa?


What ncaa college football team has the largest fanbase?

Ohio State

Does perfect attendance help you get into college?


Where did Clemson's 2006 average football attendance of 81506 rank them in national attendance figures?

Well, by that attendance figure do you mean for all games Clemson played or for home games only. The NCAA has Clemson at an average of 82,992 for 7 home games in the 2006 season. That ranked them 14th overall in the NCAA and 1st in the ACC. Click on the 'NCAA College Football Attendance Stats' link below to see the NCAA's report.

Why is attendance important in college?

cause it is :) Blender :)

What University has the top 10 on campus attendance records for college baseball attendance?

Mississippi State

College football and pro football?

college football is when you are in college and pro football is when you are out of college and also in pro football you get paid but not college football. you can get into pro by being a college player and getting drafted into pro.

How do you write application for college attendance?

You write applications for college attendance by submitting the traditional or standard application for the specific college that you are applying to you. You submit transcripts, essays and letters of recommendation.

Who has the best college football stadiem?

Michigan Stadium. After renovations starting in 2008, " The Big House", as Michigan Stadium is nick-named, will have a capacity of 109,901. It is the largest football stadium in America, and has set attendance records with over 112,000 fans. The Big House is where the University of Michigan Wolverines play. Its located in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Which professional sport has the highest annual attendance in America?

Proffesional Wrestling by far. They Sell out Every arena they go to, and with last years wrestlemania 23 attendance, will likely never be beat, over 80,000 people were in attendance. On average every week at least 30,000 people are in arenas veiwing either ECW RAW or SMACKDOWN. Professional wrestling is not a sport, it is entertainment. If we're talking about professional sports, try football, college football, college basketball, baseball etc. etc. etc. Horse racing is number one in attendance.

What is the largest seating capacity for a college football stadium?

The Pennsylvania State University's Beaver Stadium. 110,000

How did college become football?

College never became football. People in college play football.

When and where was the first college football game held?

The first college football to be played took place in 1869. The two teams were the College of New Jersey, which is now called Princeton University and Rutgers College, which is now Rutgers University. The final score was 6-4 in favor of Rutgers. The game was played at College Field in New Brunswick, NJ with 100 people in attendance.

What is the difference between college football and NFL football?

College football is played by college students. NFL football is played by professionals.