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Q: Lacrosse was originally known as
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What was lacrosse was originally called?

The name that lacrosse was originally called is baggatway

How play lacrosse?

lacrosse was originally called "the little brother of war" by the Indians

What is the adverb in the sentence Native Americans originally developed lacrosse?


How did lacrosse begin originally?

Lacrosse started with Native Americans playing it as war training.

What century did lacrosse begin originally?

the 12th

Is lacrosse French?

Yes it was originally la crosse

When lacrosse was born?

Lacrosse was originally by the north American Indians, however it gas evolved a lot since then.

Why do only the USA and Canada play lacrosse?

Lacrosse was originally a native american sport that the settlers of North America picked up and it morphed into the modern day sport. It was originally played by the Iroquois tribe and was called lacrosse by a French man who first called it the sticking French which is lacrosse.

Where did the sport of Lacrosse originally come from?

Lacrosse originated as stickball played by Native Americans many centuries ago. The actual game of lacrosse originated in the early 17th century in the Americas.

What sport is Canada known for?

Canada is known for hockey and Lacrosse

Was lacrosse originally invented just for boys?

Originally, lacrosse was a Native American sport for the men of an Indian tribe. The game was a contest of strength, speed, and toughness. Women were not originally suppose to compete in the game because of the dangers it posed. No pads were used whatsoever, and the now common term a "check" was on an entirely different level. So, to answer this question: No, lacrosse was not originally for women. It was a guys sport but obviously, this has changed.

What was the year lacrosse was invented?

Lacrosse was first played by Native Americans, but it is not known exactly when this started.

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