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In a game, the goalie can accidentally score on his or her own goal. If they try to stop a shot and it bounces off of them and goes fully past the goal line, then it does count as a goal for the opposing team. The goalie is also allowed to leave the crease and in some rare cases can actually go up and score in the other team's goalie.

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Q: Lacrosse goalie scores goal in his own crease?
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What is a lacrosse goalie?

The player who stands in the crease of the goal and blocks the lacrosse ball from being scored into the goal.

What is the goalie crease and how big is it in lacrosse?

The goalie crease is the circle around the goal that I believe has a diameter of 9 feet for men and 8.5 feet for women. In men's lacrosse a goalie and the defenders of that same team can go in the crease and in women's only the goalie is allowed inside the crease. In women's if a defender steps into the crease then the game is stopped and a girl from the other team is given an 8 meter arch penalty shot, if someone on the offense of the other team steps into the goal the ball is given to the goalie and everyone must be a certain distance away to allow the goalie to clear the ball. Also with women's if an offensive player that is shooting the ball steps into the crease then the goal is not counted and the ball is given to the goalie.

What is an assist in lacrosse?

an assist is when someone passes the ball to someone that scores a goal. normally its when someone feeds the ball quickly to the crease to get a goal.

What does crease mean in the game of lacrosse?

The crease is the area around the goal.

What is the crease in lacrosse?

If you've ever seen college lacrosse there's a circle around the goal that's the crease

What is the circle called that encompasses the lacrosse goal?

The crease

The circle around a lacrosse goal is called?

the Crease

What are the little lines in a NHL goalie crease?

The goal line

What is the circle around the goal in lacross called?

This is called the crease, only the goalie is allowed inside. Or a player Can jump in but he can't touch the ground before he scores

What is the main goal in Lacrosse?

To score on the goalie, and

What is a Shots on Goal in lacrosse?

when the shot is stopped by the goalie or goes in

What is the circle or marked off area in front of the goal in lacrosse?

the crease

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