Kobe and vanessa Bryant age now?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Kobe is 32 and vanessa is 30

today's date is 12/23/10

by Isabella :)

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Q: Kobe and vanessa Bryant age now?
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When is vanessa Bryant middle name?

Her middle name is Marie, which was added at the time that she married Kobe Bryant. Her birth name is Vanessa Cornejo Ubrieta, in 2000 at the age of 18 she took on her step-father's surname Laine, the name she is know by Vanessa Laine, even though Stephen Laine never legally adopted her. Her married name is now Vanessa Marie Bryant.

What does Kobe Bryant advertise?

Kobe Bryant advertises McDonald's he started advertising this in 2004 he still currently advertises it now.

Who is the youngest starter in NBA all-star game?

The answer is Kobe Bryant he was 19 years,175 days. He started in the 1998 all-star game . From then and now Kobe has stared in the all star game and he is going to win this year 2011 at Los Angeles, Calafornia.

How many points does Kobe Bryant have after the game at menphis today 2 fevrier 2010?

Kobe Bryant have 25278 points now

What is Kobe Bryant now?

a professional basketball player

Who is the best player in the NBA playing now?

Kobe Bryant

How old was kobe bryant when he played in the nba?

Kobe Bryant was born on August 23 1978, as of 2010 he is now 32.

Who are the ten best point guards in the NBA now?

kobe bryant

Best basketball player now?

Two words: Kobe Bryant.

How many points do Kobe Bryant have right now in the nba?


Who are the most important people in LeBron James life?

Kobe Bryant was his inspiration before he started playing basketball, and now he turn's out to be better than Kobe Bryant

How much does the Kobe Bryant shoes cost?

It goes far but now it 2011 and he is gettin up in the age an he is not doin to hot this year the thing now is Wade and James