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Kobe Bryants wife name is Vanessa Laine.

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Q: Kobe Bryants wife name
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What is Kobe Bryants wife's name?

Vanessa Bryant

How tall is Kobe Bryants wife?

she is 5ft5

How old is Kobe Bryants wife?


What is Kobe Bryants wife and kids name?

his wife name is Vanessa Bryant and his two daughters names are Ginna Maria-onoro Bryant and Natalia Diamante Bryant

Where did Kobe Bryants wife work?

She was a backup dancer in music videos but she was in high school when Kobe met her, so she never needed a job.

Who is the pleasant-looking grey-haired lady who sits courtside near the Laker's bench?

Kobe bryants wife

What is kobe wife name?

Vanessa Laine

Did Kobe Bryants wife have a miscarriage?

Yes. In the spring of 2005, Vanessa Bryant suffered a miscarriage as a result of an ectopic pregnancy. A year later, their second daughter was born.

What is Kobe Bryant's wife name?

vanessa laine

What is the name of Kobe Bryant wife?

Phil Jackson

Who has the hottest wife lebron or Kobe?


How many wife Kobe Bryant?

Kobe has 1 wife and an is Vanesssa Laine Bryant

What is Kobe Bryant's wife's name?

Vanessa Bryant (vanessa laine) sikkeee!

What is Kobe Bryant' s wife's name?

Vanessa Cornejo Urbieta Laine

What is Kobe byrant wife nationality?

His wives name is Vaneesa, and she is a black American.

What is Kobe's tattoos?

His wife's name Vanessa with a crown over it. Under is a halo with wings.

How did Kobe get his kids?

Kobe Bryant had sex with his wife that he is now divorced from

Did Kobe Bryant cheat on his wife?

yes, he cheated on his wife wit casandra avalos and karlaa barajas.

Is Kobe's wife cheating on him?


Did Kobe Bryant beat his wife?


Does Kobe Bryant have family?

Yes Kobe Bryant has a wife called Vanessa.

Why Kobe Bryant have a divorce with his wife?

the internet said she saw him seeing with a another woman but kobe was talking to that woman not marry again so that kobe wife mad a mistake.

How old was Kobe when he met his wife?


What nationality is Kobe Bryant's wife?


Who is Vanessa Laine?

She is Kobe Bryant's wife